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Here Is What I’ve Learned About Capricorn Hair Habits After Living With One

Oh Capricorns – you either love them or…. well, don’t love them.

I’ll be honest ahead of meeting my fiancé Cassondra Kaeding–who also happens to be an incredible celebrity hair colorist, Redken ambassador and a recent Mane Master–I wasn’t too keen on Caps. Being an Aries sun, Virgo rising, Caps and I have a history for clashing. We both are stubborn and prefer doing things in our own way which can create tension. However, Cass is a Libra Rising, so she’s much more harmonious than your average Capricorn.

Anyways, our own personal charts aside, I have learned a thing or three about Capricorn hair habits after living with one for almost six years. Ahead, see the things I have learned about Capricorn hair habits (spoiler: hide your bougie shampoo!)

Low Maintenance

If it isn’t low maintenance, then it’s out. Capricorns are very simple when it comes to their styling and beauty routines, and this includes a low maintenance hair cut, hair wash and styling routine. However, and there is a big however, it must look good. Caps like to opt for haircuts and hair colors that have beautiful, effortless grow outs and don’t require a trip to the salon every six weeks. Natural bases with face framing highlights are favored, where salon visits can stretch to only a one to two times a year. Haircuts with long easy layers and movement are definitely a better fit than a razor sharp bob that requires monthly attention.


Don’t let Capricorns love of simplicity fool you–the few items they do care for in their routine are nothing short of the best of the best. Expect hefty price tags, like bougie shampoos, hand soaps and styling tools. No Caps arsenal is complete without an over-the-top Mason Pearson brush and Dyson tools aplenty. And if their arsenal is running low, you bet they will dive straight into your stash, especially if you’re flexing an Oribe shampoo in your shower.

Oribe Shampoo: $49

via Sephora

Mason Pearson: $130

via Bloomingdales

Dyson Hairdryer: $399

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
via Dyson

Boss Hairstyles

When a Cap does decide to style their hair, expect boss-worthy styles only. Capricorns love to be in charge, and their hairstyles definitely look the part. Expect a heavy rotation of slick straight strands, chic low ponytails and 90s claw clips.

Try these CEO-worthy Capricorn hairstyles.

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