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Caramel Latte Hair Is the New Go-To Summer Shade

Hair color changes and rising temps tend to go hand in hand. As summer rolls in and the sun comes out, salons and stylists are seeing more and more appointments booked for brighter, blonder tones. But many people are looking for something a bit more subtle. Enter caramel latte hair. This versatile, low-maintenance hue is the perfect hair color for first-time dye jobs or as a quick refresh for brunette manes. Learn more about the caramel latte hair color below!

What Is Caramel Latte Hair?

The tonal rewards of caramel latte hair come in a warm and easier-to-achieve hue. According to L’Oréal Paris style and color expert, Jonathan Colombini, “This look is best achieved by highlighting and toning. It’s all about that contrast from darker to lighter from root to ends and keeping away from a traditional blonde shade, staying in those warmer stages.”

With this hair color trend staying on the warmer end of the spectrum, you can also expect less damage to your ends and less time in the chair. “You can go as long as three months in between salon appointments without regrowth showing too much. To keep the pigment in the caramel family, use L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss. I would use shades honey blonde or warm brunette depending on how light or dark you want to stay,” Jonathan says.

How to Get the Color

In order to achieve the caramel latte hair color in the salon, Kérastase Global Pro Club color expert, Shelley Gregory says, “ask for beige and honey vanilla highlights and bring lots of photos to reference.” She explains that “adding caramel and beige blonde pieces, intertwined, create the latte effect.” Think of it like the artful foam toppings that they create at the coffee shop.

If you decide to take this color inspiration to the salon, keep your roots in mind. Shelley touches on the importance of including your natural hue within the color placement. “Depending on your natural color, this shade can be very low-maintenance. With the proper color placement that includes your natural color, the grow-out can be part of the beauty. Try not to over-wash your hair or use too much heat so that the gloss or toner used to achieve your color can last longer. Be sure to use a professional haircare routine for best results.”

Caramel latte hair is a truly unique and customizable color. With so many shades of skin on our planet, your stylist can tailor this tone to fit you and your personal style. But remember, stay on the warm and sunny side to achieve this truly delicious tone.

If a Caramel Latte sounds delicious, but you’re more of a honey girl, HERE’s another hot hue for summer—honey red hair.

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