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Cardi B Is Releasing a Hair Line This Year

Cardi B is a talented singer, rapper, and actress.

Now, she’s adding another title to the list: owner of a hair line. The “Up” singer shared on Instagram that she would be releasing her own haircare line later this year, giving us more to look forward to than just her music.

Cardi has been “working on [the line] at home” and using the products in both her hair and her 2-year-old daughter Kulture’s hair. Previously, Cardi has shared her go-to hair mask recipe that lengthens and strengthens her strands, so she’s no stranger to the haircare game. Fans of the rapper have even used the DIY mask on their own natural hair and raved about their results. Now she’s making it one step easier for all of us by packaging up her homemade products to sell to the masses.

For Cardi, this haircare line is incredibly important and deeply personal. BuzzFeed News reported that she was inspired to create her own hair line due to an outpouring of offensive comments left on an Instagram post showcasing her natural hair. Internet trolls just don’t know when to quit, do they?

From what Cardi shared on Instagram, the line will be inclusive of every type of Afro-Latinx hair. “People be thinking every Hispanic is Mexican or something & must have the same hair texture, color and features,” Cardi wrote in a tweet. “[DNA] have something to do with your hair not your nationality but guess what you can always maintain your hair,” she followed up in her Instagram caption.

There’s no word yet on when this year the line will be released, though we’ll be waiting not so patiently for it to go on sale. Our credit cards are ready whenever you are, Cardi!

Want to full recipe for Cardi’s DIY mask? Find it HERE!

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