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MANE MUSE: Caroline de Maigret

caroline de maigret hair

The ability to look put together without trying too hard is a mystical quality it seems only French women possess, and no one has perfected that alluring aura better than model Caroline de Maigret. Part time author, mother, record producer, and muse to Mario Testino, Maigret is not surprisingly, also chock full of hair secrets.


Maigret calls hair the “allure of the Parisian woman,” but their undone styles are a far cry from the perfectly coiffed red carpet looks we’re used to seeing. In fact, flawless waves or overly sleek strands are a dead giveaway of someone not being a true French woman. So how do the non-French go about obtaining that signature, nonchalant ‘do? According to Maigret, the secret lies in supermarket shampoo and no conditioner! Conditioner, she argues, makes hair too flat, and a true French woman would never spend the time using a hair dryer to style, or even a brush. But their daily low-key approach doesn’t mean the French don’t believe in a little hair R&R every once and a while, and Maigret recommends Leonor Greyl Masque Fleurs de Jasmine Deep Conditioning Mask as an occasional splurge.


The less is more attitude isn’t entirely surprising since Maigret’s effortless, lived-in strands give off major #wokeuplikethis vibes, and as far as her easy tricks that will cut our morning routine in half? Count us French hair converts!


What do you think of Maigret’s effortless style? Would you try out her tips? Sound off in the comments!

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