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You Can Now Coat Your Hair in Cashmere, Thanks to This Cashmere Fusion Treatment

Cashmere is our cold weather lifeline. It’s relatively lightweight, provides protection from the elements, and is super soft. Taking some inspo from our fave sweater weather material, celeb stylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri (who are also the founders of In Common), have blessed us with a Cashmere Fusion treatment. Here’s how it works on your hair, and why you need it before it gets one degree colder.

Why Cashmere Works

The Cashmere Fusion treatment is an in-salon professional restorative treatment that strengthens hair and reconstructs hair from the inside out. It works by “connecting broken bonds caused by chemicals, heat, and environmental exposure, without sacrificing the hair’s integrity by adding in any unnecessary artificial bonds,” Nikki and Riawna describe.

(Courtesy of In Common)

The Cashmere Fusion relies on three key ingredients to help deliver its goodness. The first is bio enzymes, which are responsible for driving amino acids deep into the cortex of the hair to help mend and seal the cuticle from within. “This aids to repair and reconstruct hair to give it strength and flexibility,” Nikki and Riawna explain. The treatment is also packed with aloe vera, which contains vitamins A, C, and E, and has a similar pH to the hair’s natural pH level. “This helps to soothe and moisturize hair, leaving it smooth, detangled, and shiny,” they say.

Finally, In Common’s C3 Custom Care Complex is a unique blend of two silk proteins and avocado oil that forms a flexible net around each hair fiber, helping to reinforce the tensile strength and instantly repair damage. “This smart technology allows moisture to flow in and out of the hair strand as necessary without leaving a film on the hair and weighing it down,” they add. Once the treatment is complete, hair is soft and strong. “It feels amazing like real cashmere,” they gush.

(Before and After Cashmere Fusion)

Product Inspiration

Riawna and Nikki were inspired to create a cashmere line because they wanted the fabric mirrored on soft, strong, shiny hair. “Even though we live in LA, it does get a little cold here during the winter, and nothing is better than the feel of a cashmere sweater. It’s soft and beautiful; it’s how we think all hair should feel,” they note. “Also working in a salon where we see a lot of damaged hair, our clients are always asking how to get healthier hair as fast as possible. This is one of the best ways to achieve it. You can get it done during the same appointment you color your hair,” Riawna and Nikki continue.

(Before and After Cashmere Fusion)

Winter Hair Is the Worst

Winter is when your hair arguably needs the most protection, which is why the season is the perfect time to opt for a treatment. “Environmental stressors are extreme in the winter: dryness, pollution, rain, use of heaters, etc., can all cause the hair to lose moisture, therefore losing overall strength. This, on top of the heat styling (curling irons, flat irons, hair dryers) that many of us tend to overuse during the winter months,” they explain. To protect hair and prevent drying damage, the Cashmere Fusion treatment works to restore moisture while reconstructing the hair to make it stronger and healthier.

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