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I’ve Been Using This Oil Daily for Eyebrow Hair Re-Growth and You Won’t Believe My Results

castor oil | Mane Addicts
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I was an 80s baby who started plucking her eyebrows in the late 90s. The style back then was to pluck until you had impossibly thin arches. You can imagine my dismay when bushy eyebrows started making a comeback. How was I to undo years of over-plucking? Castor oil came to the rescue.

Derived from the castor plant, castor oil has been used for millennia to cure a wide variety of ailments. The Egyptians use it for eye health, North American counterparts know it for its laxative properties. One of the most common uses of the oil is for hair health. The fatty acid-rich oil preps hair follicles and provides an environment free of fungus and bacteria when applied topically. Omega 6 and vitamin E moisturize and support hair growth.

After watching countless YouTube videos where Vloggers swore by the stuff, I grabbed myself a bottle of SheaMoisture 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil ($8.99). I kept it next to my skink and religiously applied it day and night after cleansing. When choosing a brand, make sure there are no filler oils or preservatives listed in the ingredients.

SheaMoisture 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil | Mane Addicts
(via Target)

Although the results didn’t happen overnight, I continued my ritual and applied castor oil deliberately week after week. At about the eight-week mark, my mom commented on my bushy eyebrows. She too had been a victim of the 90s and asked me what I was doing to make my brows so full. I thought I had noticed growth earlier in the castor oil process, at around the six-week mark, but didn’t know how to confirm my suspicions. Having somebody other than myself notice the growth validated my assertion.

I’m now on month three of daily castor oil application and I couldn’t be more pleased. My once pronounced arches are now filled in and my actual brow hair is long, helping me achieve a fuller, more dramatic look. I understand different things work for different folks but I for one swear by the amazing growth properties of castor oil.

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