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4 Ways Castor Oil Will Save Your Stands

Having fine, thinner strands is one of the most common hair woes that women go through now a days. It could be hereditary, the natural-born state of your hair or unfortunately a result of damage. One harsh truth is that as much as we all want fuller hair that appears to be healthier, all of the styling and tugging that our hair goes through every day can be putting it at a harsh risk. However, there’s thankfully one natural hair remedy that can help relax your scalp and strengthen your tresses if you’re noticing signs of thinning.

Castor oil is an old school trick that many generations have applied in their hair in hopes of a longer, fuller mane. The bright side is that compared to a ton of other treatments and myths, castor oil actually works and the benefits are endless. We’ve listed four of the main reasons why you should be incorporating castor oil into your haircare routine, especially if you’re a fine-haired girl.

Castor Oil

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Hair Growth

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids which can help promote blood circulation once massaged onto the scalp, thus promoting hair growth. On average our hair grows about half an inch per month and if you’re using castor oil regularly you can boost that growth by up to five times as much. You can even apply some on your eyebrows to make them a bit thicker over time!

Scalp Protection

As mentioned above, castor oil has a ton of beneficial properties and two of the main being that it is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. By applying castor oil directly onto the scalp or massaging it in, you’re protecting it from any infections that can lead to excess buildup such as dandruff. You can mix castor oil with olive oil or tea tree oil for an extra boost of scalp protection.

Frizz Prevention

The rich consistency and nutrients found in castor oil and can also help prevent frizz and smooth out your strands. In order to not weigh your hair down,apply a generous amount from root to tip and let it sit for approximately twenty minutes, as you would with a hair mask, and then rinse it out. You’ll notice much more tamed strands that are softer than silk.


Another way that thin-haired girls can benefit from castor oil is from its conditioning and moisturizing properties. Castor oil can penetrate into deeper layers of the scalp to help condition and nourish strands from the inside out. It also helps to further moisturize your hair and helps prevent breakage and split ends.

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