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Beanie Hairstyle

A whole new meaning to hat hair.

thanksgiving hair ideas from nyfw

Chic and cooking friendly.

Read to find out.

Hold a Curl

From dawn ’til dusk.

Because the look is structured, make sure you get really clean sections helps get the s wave shape and make it more defined

Eduardo Ponce breaks down each and every step.

Rapunzel Hair

Say bye bye to bobs and hellllo to ankle-length locks.

DIY pumpkin hair mask fall hair mane addicts coconut oil honey pumpkin puree

Oh my gourd, and it only calls for 3 ingredients.

Dry Shampoo as Hairspray

Here’s what happened.

Crimp Trend

According to Justine Marjan.

Versace Fall 2017 Electric Highlights

Inspired by Versace Fall 2017.