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All Natural Shampoos Conditioners That Work

If we can’t count the number of ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner on two hands, we’re on to the next. Contrary to popular belief, affordable all natural shampoos and conditioners that cleanse and soften sans harmful ingredients do exist. Curly, flat, itchy—there’s one for each of these hair problems and beyond. Sulfates, silicones, parabens? As if. […]

hair sheet mask hair steam mask

It’s safe to say that sheet masks have been making major waves in the beauty industry. There are sheet masks for literally everything these days; face, body, lips… even for your boobs! And to be totally honest, I’ve tried a lot of them. However, I had never tried hair sheet mask. A hair sheet mask […]

Spring 2017 hair products buy now

For some reason, time just seems to move faster in spring, doesn’t it? Our calendars fill up almost instantaneously, which calls for a bit of a shopping spree when it comes to our beauty cabinets. Each year the industry gets better and better, and trust us—spring 2017 hair products do not disappoint. This season, there […]

Function shampoo and conditioner in a box

I don’t care how old you are, when you see or receive something with your name on it you are guaranteed to get a little giddy. I mean, we all like things personalized, right? Enter: Function of Beauty, a small but fast growing hair brand that’s taking customization to a whole new level–shampoo and conditioner bottles with your name […]

Coconut Oil Hair Beauty Oil Love

Using Coconut Oil on hair and skin is nothing new. Actually, coconut oil’s kind of the OG beauty oil – it smells good, tastes good and can be slathered anywhere that needs intense hydration. A few years ago I swore by it as a winter-survival hair mask but – as with anything – more oils came […]

Blake Lively old hollywood waves

Fact: When your hair looks and feels as dry as hay, you’re having a bad hair day. Truth be told, you can’t disguise damage with styling products—that’s a TLC job. Turn your mane’s mood from blue to blissful with one of these ultra-hydrating masks for red carpet-ready shine that’ll steal the spotlight.  1. BAMBI & SAMMI NO.1 HAIR MASK Never […]