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Crimp Trend

According to Justine Marjan.

Vegan Hair Products

Editor approved!

Miami Hair

These looks are screaming for South Beach.

Best Beach Waves Products Girl With Beach Waves in Bikini

Tousled, textured beach waves are just a spray away!

Hair Organic Natural Brands Products

If you’re the type of person that takes a magnifying glass to the long list of ingredients in your favorite beauty products, you’re probably used to disappointment. There can be a lot of nastiness hiding in there! Luckily, however, there are a crop of new products  in the hair industry that don’t include the unsafe, […]

beach bag essentials beach hair wavy hair texture sun haircare hair spf bumble and bumble surf spray

Blonder strands and sandy beach buns—fun in the sun ain’t no fun without the essentials. Here, must-haves any beach day would be a bust without.   SUPER CHILL RAINBOW COOLER BAG If you’re even thinking about snapping your beach day, you need a cute bag for your essentials, like this one.   MERMAID HAIR SHINE […]

Hask Hair Beach Babe

With Coachella and spring around the corner, we foresee tons of fun in the sun in your future, and in case you didn’t know—mo’ sun, mo’ probs for your mane. That won’t be the case for lucky lil’ you though, as long as you’ve got Hask’s ultra-repairing goodies by your side. Spritz some of Hask’s Instant Clean Dry […]

AG Sea Complex Products for Texture

Chances are you’ve heard of AG Hair Care; but AG’s newest texture collection screams major revamp. Infused with a signature sea complex, each product is naturally clarifying, with ingredients like anti-aging seaberry oil and texturizing giant sea kelp which strengthens the hair. Not to mention, the packaging is chic as hell with gorgeous florals floating behind […]

Splurge Save

We know that sometimes, you want to achieve a look/style that’s been created with hair’s best-of-the-best products without the hefty price tag that comes along with it.  Enter, the Mane Addicts version of a splurge/save or in other words, a collection of budget-friendly dupes for a few of this year’s hottest hair products. Oribe Dry […]

Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER

Let’s be real. I only really wash my hair once a week. When you’ve got a mane as thick as mine, shampoos can become a serious Kelly Kapowski thing. I literally have to schedule an evening aside to wash my hair and let it dry. While stretching shampoos an entire week can sometimes become a hassle, the […]