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Because it matters where your ingredients come from.

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gym bag hair products

Mastering the post-gym spray and slay.

packets are the new way to travel with your favorite products

Bringing along your fave beauty products just got a whole lot easier.

Curly spring break hair beach hair

Whether you’re heading south somewhere warm for a boozey weekend with your college crew, or you’re playing hooky from work for a long weekend staycation with your lover, spring is here which means it’s time to get your spring break on! And LBH, after the cold winter months your hair is probably dry, brittle and just might […]

Hair Travel Mini Products

It’s difficult enough as it is to fit everything you need for a weekend getaway or midweek work trip into a carry-on suitcase so when it comes to your beauty bag, less is always more. To prevent lugging around a vanity full of products, look for things that can pull double-duty; a oil for hair AND body, […]

Fashion Week Hair Products

If you have plans to attend any fashion week events or shows and you know your going to be short on time, but you still want your hair to look #flawless, shop our Fashion Week Hair Survival Kit & thank us later. Drybar ‘Baby Buttercup’ Travel Blow Dryer  Skip the hotel blow-dryer and cut your […]

Airport Travel

The struggle is real for haircare obsessed babes like ourselves when it comes to living an on-the-go lifestyle. Because while we’re under the impression that there’s no such thing as too many haircare products, our carry-on luggage begs to differ. To spare you Sophie’s choice when it comes to choosing from your beauty arsenal, we’ve […]

Don’t let being a beach-babe get you down. The sun and pool may be damaging, but recovery is easy with these 5 post-pool, hair maintenance must-haves… 1. THE RIGHT SHAMPOO Chlorine chemically bonds to your hair so you can’t rely on your regular shampoo and conditioner combo to rid your hair of the nasty stuff. TRISWIM Chlorine/Salt Water Out […]

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