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Airport Travel

The struggle is real for haircare obsessed babes like ourselves when it comes to living an on-the-go lifestyle. Because while we’re under the impression that there’s no such thing as too many haircare products, our carry-on luggage begs to differ. To spare you Sophie’s choice when it comes to choosing from your beauty arsenal, we’ve […]

Don’t let being a beach-babe get you down. The sun and pool may be damaging, but recovery is easy with these 5 post-pool, hair maintenance must-haves… 1. THE RIGHT SHAMPOO Chlorine chemically bonds to your hair so you can’t rely on your regular shampoo and conditioner combo to rid your hair of the nasty stuff. TRISWIM Chlorine/Salt Water Out […]

Sahara Ray Blonde Surf Hair

  Everyone wants to be a bronzed goddess in the summer time, but what is one to do when you’ve worked super hard to get the perfect hair color, that isn’t bronze?! Lather that SPF on your tresses just like you do your bod! … Kind of. Before you go lathering greasy suntan lotion on […]

beach bag essentials beach hair wavy hair texture sun haircare hair spf bumble and bumble surf spray

Blonder strands and sandy beach buns—fun in the sun ain’t no fun without the essentials. Here, must-haves any beach day would be a bust without.   SUPER CHILL RAINBOW COOLER BAG If you’re even thinking about snapping your beach day, you need a cute bag for your essentials, like this one.   MERMAID HAIR SHINE […]

Redken Hairspray

As a professional stylist, I am constantly on the go. If I’m not lugging my huge suitcase up and down the subway stairs in NYC, I’m checking a bag full of my most precious hair care belongings before boarding a flight. The more I travel around, the smarter I get with my kit. Last week, […]

Tis the season for giving and gifting. Finding the perfect present for a friend can be a little tough, but not if you know what they’re really into. If you have a hairstylist or simply just a mane addict (you see what we did there) in your life, look no further because we have got […]

4 Compartment Extension Bag

If you’re a hairstylist on the go or a girl with a great mane, chances are you’ve got a lot of extensions in your aresenal. When traveling, or on set, it’s common to see a bunch of tattered ziplock bags full of hair, or even worse, extensions just floating around in a purse. But we […]

space nk apothecary nyc

With Fashion Week just around the corner, we’ve barely had time to put away our swimsuits, let alone prep for the biggest event in fashion! If you’re heading to the Big Apple this week, stock up on all your last-minute beauty buys with our round up of the best cosmetics destinations to include in your NYC […]


Ok, we missed out on burning man this year (again), but that doesn’t mean our chances for summer camping festivities are over. If you’re planning on spending your Labor day weekend in the woods or on the beach camping (let’s be real) glamping, then we want to make sure you look like you really did just […]

In Flight Hair Essentials

We’ve all been there. Sitting on an airplane is anything but glamorous, but that doesn’t mean we have to look that way. We’ve rounded up the tips and tools you need to look as great post flight as if you were walking off the runway. Just remember the 3 P’s  for the perfect post flight […]

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