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What Additional Ingredients Does a CBD Shampoo Need in Order to Be Effective?

CBD has been touted as a universal hero ingredient in haircare by many. Known to reduce inflammation in the skin and scalp, relieve dryness by improving hydration, and soften and protect the hair and scalp, it’s no shocker that people who formulate hair products want CBD in their creations. But obviously CBD can’t stand alone, and there are ingredients that should be in CBD shampoos to really make them effective.

Eager to learn more, we reached out to RAINCRY Managing Director and founder Feisal Qureshi, and Candor founder, Jessica Armentano. Both founders have CBD shampoos in their company’s product selection. Keep reading for a breakdown of additional ingredients you’ll want to see (and stay away from) in CBD shampoos.

Ingredients You Want to See in Your CBD Shampoo

“In testing, we found that by combining CBD with Cysteine Amino Acids and Keratin Amino Acids (the building blocks of hair bonds), it greatly enhanced the efficacy of our REPAIR line,” Qureshi tells Mane Addicts. “Our testing concluded that through these three core components,  the reparative qualities of the range were drastically enhanced and provided greater strength and tenacity to the hair shaft.”

Ingredients to Avoid Alongside CBD in Shampoo

“I would stay away from any product that mixes CBD with alcohol,” Qureshi says. “The alcohol may neutralize absorption rates of the CBD, rendering the CBD useless with little to no benefit. It’s also very important to ensure that the product is within the 4.5 – 5.5 pH range to maximize repair benefits and absorption, and to maintain strong, healthy bonds.”

Key Ingredients Included in RAINCRY and Candor’s CBD Shampoos

“The combination of Plant Stem Cells with 300mg of CBD oil were near miraculous,” Qureshi says. “This created a REPAIR range that was very effective at not only treating damaged hair, but also the scalp and follicles for longterm benefit.”

For Armentano’s part, Candor incorporates argan oil, “which moisturizes your scalp, tames frizz, protects your hair during styling, and prevents breakage,” Vitamin E, “which repairs damaged hair and promotes hair growth,” and the brand’s “all-natural water blossom fragrance, which eases anxiety and soothes your scalp.”

What to Expect From Effective CBD Shampoo

“With RAINCRY’s REPAIR line, most users can expect to see immediate results from the repairing and strengthening of damaged hair,” Qureshi says. “But also users can expect the longterm benefits of stronger, more resilient hair by ensuring that all new regrowth is properly supplemented and cared for, and stops you having to ‘chase the carrot’ for years to come. As a stylist, I was always frustrated by having to recommend a separate product for the scalp that usually treated an irritation or oiliness but had little to no benefit to hair. I think good products shouldn’t be for only ‘this or this,’ but rather ‘this and this.’ That’s a very important distinction with our REPAIR line. True repair should be for the best of both worlds: immediate hair benefits and longterm scalp benefits that will help break the cycle of constantly having to treat damaged hair.” 

Though Candor just launched within the last few months, Armentano says friends of the brand have raved about “how soft their hair feels, how shiny it looks, and how amazing it smells. They’ve also had noticeable hair growth since incorporating Candor into their hair routine.”

For more on using CBD in your hair routine, HERE are the benefits of using a CBD shampoo versus a regular one!

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