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MANESPIRATION: How To Do A Halloween Mane Like An A-Lister

With Halloween just around the corner take a page out of one of these celebs books and make sure your hair is on point with your costume! Let’s face it these costumes would not be complete without an amazing mane to top off each look! 

Let’s start with a favorite…

Beyonce as Frida

Queen Bey as FRIDA KAHLO! Beyonce slayed this look and her head piece and hair was absolutely on queue with the brushed brows and beautiful makeup. 

Karl Lagerfeld Kitty

Ashley Madekwe looked stunning as Karl Lagerfields kitty. Her chic icy blonde bob her costume was not only on point, but possibly appropriate for a cocktail party any ‘ole time! 

Kim Kardashian Mermaid

Imagine Kim Kardashians mermaid costume sans the long, dreamy, platinum wig- you just can’t! The mermaid waves and platinum color completed her dreamy costume!

Miranda Kerr Circus

Miranda Kerr is yes, a supermodel, but how adorable was she in this circus-inspired ensemble! Her beautiful chestnut locks topped off with a hat can easily be recreated minus the supermodel body!  

Chrissy Teigen Toddlers in Tiara Halloween Costume

Chrissy Tiegen’s toddler in tiara costume was everything! Thanks to her fabulous crowned up do Chrissy was unmistakably going to win that pageant!

Katy Perry Daria Halloween Costume

Leave it to Katy Perry to throw it back to the Daria days of MTV, and she did it so well! Grab your bestie and channel cartoon BFFs Jane and Daria for Halloween this year.

Alessandra Ambrosia Kitty Costume Halloween

Alessandra Ambrosia was platinum perfection in this silver kitty costume, but it’s the silver wig that completed the look. 

Jessica Alba Slash Halloween Costume

Unrecognizable Jessica Alba turned into Slash with a mane any rocker would be envious of. 

Rosie Huntington Halloween Costume

Not sure what to be for Halloween, but just want to be FABULOUS?!?! Take note of Rosie Huntington Whiteley and just rock an amazing headpiece and fab accessories! She proves that if the hair is right everything else will just work!

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