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Your Favorite Celeb Stylists’ New Year’s Resolutions

We scroll through our Instagram feeds everyday and get major #manespiration from our favorite hair stylists and while you may feel like you know them personally because you know their favorite products to use behind the scenes with their celebrity clients, we wanted to get a little more personal and ask some of our mane masters about their goals for 2018. Keep reading to find out some of your favorite celeb hairstylist’s New Year’s resolutions for both their personal life and career.

Deycke Heidorn, celeb hair stylist's new year's resolutions
(via Deycke Heidorn)

Deycke Heidorn


Bio: Deycke Heidorn is a brand ambassador for MIZANI L’Oreal and has blessed the tresses of many breathtaking editorial shoots for publications like Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.

Resolution:  “NO MORE LAZY HAIR DAYS: Don’t we all admire women (..and men) looking simply fabulous? What is their secret? Well, they dedicate some extra minutes in the morning to their style routine. Time is precious, but spending some additional thoughts and time on your day or evening style is rewarding and actually…fun! For many people, the new year marks a new beginning and you can start with your style. As a celebrity hair stylist, I am lucky to discover and test the latest hair products on the market. Haircare companies have developed new formulas for treatment and styling products and there is a variety of amazing new hair tools that are easy to use AND save time. Looking fabulous has never been easier! My New Year’s resolution is no more lazy hair days. Incorporate your beauty styling into your daily schedule. Where to start? Are you wearing your hair natural and un-styled, but you want to look more refined? You are likely not even aware of the style potential your hair has. If you are looking for a new style, do not follow trends. They are fun to watch on celebrities and Influencers, but try not to copy any styles from another person. It will likely not suit you. Consult with your hair stylist. Be open minded for new ideas, colors and shapes for your hair. Your hair stylist might see something in you that you would have never imagined or tried by yourself. To me, personal style is the strongest statement, I am always fascinated seeing women with an impeccable, unique look. You need to find YOUR style. There are no rules or restrictions. And remember, no more lazy days! Once you give a little more effort styling yourself, you will enjoy feeling confident and it becomes easy and effortless. Your hair stylist will help you by optimizing your hair cut and beauty products.  If your hair style changes, you might also want to elevate your wardrobe and refine your make up. Voila! Have a fabulous and beautiful 2018!” – Deycke Heidorn


felix fischer, celeb hair stylist's new year's resolutions
(via Felix Fischer)

Felix Fischer

Instagram: @felixfischerhair

Bio: Felix Fischer is a New York-based hair stylist whose work has graced the covers of countless fashion publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and the Washington Post Magazine.

Resolution: “I want to get a nutritionist! Nutrition is vital to everything in life, health, happiness, you name it, so getting my nutrition in order this year is important [to me]!” – Felix Fischer

kendall dorsey, celeb hair stylist's new year's resolutions
(via Kendall Dorsey)

Kendall Dorsey

Instagram: @kendalldorsey1

Bio: Kendall Dorsey is a New York-based mane master with a roster of clients that includes the likes of Teyana Taylor, Nicki Minaj, Yara Shahidi, Dazed Magazine and Glamour Magazine.

Resolution: “My New Year’s resolution, is to refine my work/travel schedule. I want to focus on doing more beauty print work. I have been traveling with celebrities and I love it, however, I want to share with the world my art through beauty print work!” – Kendall Dorsey


holly mills, celeb hair stylist's new year's resolutions
(via Holly Mills)

Holly Mills

Instagram: @hollymariemills

Bio: You may have spotted some of Holly Mills’ work on the pages of Vogue, Elle Magazine, Net-a-Porter’s The Edit and on the manes of celebs like Rashida Jones and Imaan Hammam for H&M.

Resolution: “My New Year’s resolution is to make more mood boards. I have so many different threads of inspiration and ideas and it’s high time I organized them into something I can thumb through instead of relying on memory!” – Holly Mills

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