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8 Celebs Who Rocked the Green Hair Trend

When it comes to hair color, green has always been a bit taboo. Typically dreaded by blondes everywhere, green hair brings back memories of overly chlorinated pool water that left blonde hair all sorts of unwanted grassy green shades. But, luckily for 2017’s pantone color of the year, greenery, the green hair trend has made some mega mane strides over the past few years thanks to daring celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the unofficial guardian of all things green, we’ve rounded up the eight best celebs whose hair has us green with envy.


There are few people that rock colorful hair as well as Kylie Jenner. Whether it’s cheeto orange or bright purple, their isn’t a color she’s worn that we haven’t loved. However, our favorite has to be the mint green XXL wig by Tokyo Stylez she wore back in September 2015. Her forest green look is a close second!



We’ve come to know Bella Thorne as the Disney darling with strawberry blonde hair. But, Bella is making it very clear she is all grown up, thanks to her ever-changing mane, new piercings, and sexy Instagram shots. She’s been playing with everything from rainbow hair to Poison Ivy red, but we’re digging this blue green mane best.

Can you spot a pink haired bunny hiding?:) #mybunny #familyfirst

A post shared by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

A post shared by BELLA (@bellathorne) on



Kate Bosworth has always been a huge trendsetter, and she was one of the first celebs to undergo a the green hair trend with an effortless dip-dye way back in 2012 for a cover shoot for Company magazine.

Kate Bosworth Celebrities Green Hair Trend company magazine

(via Company magazine)



We’re all sorts of obsessed with Katy’s grass green ends! Katy’s another celeb who isn’t afraid to take risks with her hair, and this one totally paid off. We’re campaigning for her to bring this look back, stat. Even the fade out looked cool.



Britney Spears may be the ultimate blonde bombshell, but that didn’t stop her from testing out a fun, new look for the 2015 Teen Choice Awards! We’re feeling her mix of faded green and purple.

A post shared by Adrienne (@queenbeespears) on



Okay, no surprise here–Nicki Minaj took the green hair trend for a test drive. We like the stark contrast between her bleach blonde top and forest green mid-shaft and ends.




Raise your hands if you’re kind of obsessed with Lady Gaga’s lime green strands  ! We are totally digging everything about this.

A post shared by Idna Coelho (@idna_coelho) on



Another Disney gal turned wild child, Demi Lovato, is also no stranger to switching up her locks! Whether she’s blonde or brunette, green seems to be the perfect compliment.

Are you a fan of the green hair trend? Which shade is your fave? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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