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The Hair Colors You Will See Everywhere in 2020 Thanks to Celebrity Colorists

2020 Hair trends have already given us a run for our money, and its only February! Celebrity colorists continue reinventing their looks and these five 2020 hair trends have already taken ahold of our feeds. Check out the hues you are sure to ask for during your next color visit!

Blonde Balayages

You don’t have to walk a red carpet to covet a rich and vibrant blonde. Thanks to celebrity colorist and Redken Ambassador Cassondra Kaeding, these types of blondes are all you are going to be asking for in 2020. Her client rocked a blonde bayalage with natural waves and thanks to the look, you can now take a page from Cassondra’s work for your inspo.

Carmel Hues

JLo kicked off 2020 with a flurry of appearances for her Hustlers movie. She then served up the GOAT Super Bowl performance. What also had fans talking was the caramel-y hues her hair colorist Tracey Cunningham gave the starlet. JLo has always been #goals, but this year her hair color took it to a new level. Expect to see recreated versions of this hue for months to come.

More Redheads

Hair colorist Christopher Pierce hails from Andy Lecompte salon in West Hollywood. The celebrity mecca is known for its groundbreaking styles and Christopher’s bright red is no different. Expect to see more people take the plunge and try out bold hues like this in 2020.

California Blondes

“California Blonde” wasn’t a color you asked for at the salon a few years back. That all changed when Lorri Goddard entered the scene. Since then, her blondes have been constantly evolving and 2020 has already brought her some of her strongest looks. Case in point? Reese Witherspoon’s perfect hue at the 2020 Golden Globes.

Strawberry Blondes

Stephanie Brown is a hair colorist at IGK Salons in NYC. She is a master at an array of hues but this Strawberry Blonde stood out as one of the most memorable colors that are sure to leave a mark on 2020. Ask for this type of strawberry blonde when you are looking for the best 2020 hair trends.

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