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A Serious Investigation Into the Celebrity Copper Color Craze

Take a look around: copper color is pretty much inescapable. From Gigi Hadid to Kaia Gerber, it seems like every celebrity is trading their current color for a brand new copper hue these days. And you know what? We have FOMO. But before we can divine just what hot hue best suits our spring energy, we’re taking a closer look at the redhead trend. Everything you need to know about this season’s standout shade spectrum is below. Check out the most coveted copper tones, as seen on celebs.

Classic Copper Color

Kicking off this copper color trend is Kendall Jenner. When the model debuted a gorgeous classic copper at Milan Fashion Week earlier this month, we practically fell out of our chairs. This spring ready shade is a slightly muted, orange-leaning ginger tone. The all-over copper hue pairs perfectly with Kendall’s neutral undertones.


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Gigi Hadid is pulling a rust redhead tone off with ease. Akin to the expensive brunette trend we witnessed earlier this year, the rust hair color craze is a simple, natural, all-over tone. With a little bit of a neutral spin, this spring shade toes the line between a red hot redhead and a deep brunette. Ideal for those on the hunt for an understated way to wear red this season.


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Deep Chestnut

When Kaia Gerber jumped on board the copper color train, we knew the trend was here to stay. The model took on a deep chestnut color, tinting her natural light brunette locks with a classic red for a subtle but stunning result. Veering away from ginger tones, deep chestnut is an excellent option for those with an olive complexion.


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Flaming Hot

Take a note from Barbie Ferreira, one of Euphoria‘s standout stars. This leading lady was way ahead of the game, swapping her dark brunette shade for a fiery red months before the masses caught on. A combination of flaming oranges and reds, this bold shade is not for the faint of heart.


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Strawberry Blonde

Rounding out the celebrity copper color spectrum is another Euphoria alum, Sydney Sweeney. The actress is taking strawberry blonde to a whole new level with this orange-forward hue. Just a few shades off of her natural blonde, this strawberry shade presents an excellent option for those looking for a lighter, brighter, way to wear red in 2022.


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