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Laura Polko Reveals the Time She Almost Blew It With a Celebrity Client

In our Don’t Blow It series, we ask the hair industry’s most-talented artists to reveal a time in their career where they in fact, almost totally blew it.

Up now: Celebrity Stylist Laura Polko.

Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and the Delevingne’ have her on speed dial. Just take one scroll through Mane Master Laura Polko’s instagram and you’ll quickly notice that she’s tending to the tresses of the world’s most coveted “It” girls–and for good reason. She can slay a braid, doll up glam waves, and is a master of all things sleek and chic. But even with so much success, Laura has still had a few OMG moments where she had to think on her feet. Below, she shares the time she really almost blew it with a celebrity client.

Laura Polko Don't Blow It

That time she almost blew it…

One time, I showed up to celebrity client for the first time. I brought my tools and one of my old irons and the plug wasn’t working. She wanted waves with texture. I was like oh, sh**! Oh sh**! Oh sh**!

So, I used a different flat iron and did something different. I twirled it, messed it up and she was like “This is the best my hair has ever looked!.” I was like “Phew!”

What was one thing you had to overcome as a celebrity hairstylist?

One thing I had to overcome becoming a successful stylist was social media. I know it’s a very touchy subject but I think there is a lot that is positive about it. Instead of just paying attention to numbers or seeing how someone’s page looks better, you can take pieces of what’s happening and grow from it. It’s a good tool to see new trends and to build inspiration. So, if you have a good attitude about it instead of seeing social media as a threat you can grow from it, even if’s hard to see it at times.

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