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Celebrity Hairstylists’ 5 Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Since the beginning of the social media boom, every hairstylist’s traditional portfolio, business card, and resume dropped from the top of their “important for building my clientele” list to the bottom of the barrel. Now, your Instagram page should speak for itself, and while the photo-sharing app isn’t everyone’s forte, it should be. Whether you’re new to the photo editing game or a veteran content creator, there’s always room for improvement. If you’ve ever envied the perfectly manicured feeds of celebrity hairstylists then take the guesswork out of editing photos with this roundup of photo editing apps approved by celebrity hairstylists themselves.

Salon hairstylist using a photo editing app on their pink phone while sitting in a salon chair | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Getty / Ricardo Imagen)


“I recently started using Lightroom to edit the lighting in my photos for Instagram and it makes such a huge difference. I love how crisp and high quality it makes even an iPhone photo look and that I can transform a photo with poor lighting into a beautiful one.” Justine Marjan


“The biggest one I have had to focus on and learn is the video editing app Videoshop. I had no clue at all how to edit videos and to be honest, I was very intimidated by it. This app, however, is so easy, even for dummies. Even for a simple hair clip video that shows all sides of the final look. I use it to slow it down and add music to it. Now, video editing has become a mini passion of mine thanks to this app. I also use this lots when I need to condense videos to be impactful in my stories and meet the 15-second limit.” Matthew Collins


“VSCO is my fave! It’s an app with the best filters and it’s totally worth the money to access every filter the app offers. It’s the best way to make your page look cohesive and pretty.” Alex Brown


My fave photo editing apps are Fuji and Snap Seed! I like to plug my photo into Fuji and then open it up in Snap Seed to brighten specific areas that the filter may darken.” Carly Walters


“I love Facetune to help me get rid of flyaways and make the details of the hairstyle stand out more. For Instagram Stories, I like to use Snapchat filters.” Ruslan Nureev

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