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Plump Your Hair With These Celeb Hairstylist-Approved Hair Mousse Products

Maybe it’s your mom’s prom photo wherein she’s rocking tight, moussed-up curls or the fact that you’re scared stiff of reaping mousse’s crunchy consequences. Whatever it is, you’ve been shunning the foam-y substance for far too long—and not for good reason. Our advice to you: Conquer your fears and make amends for the way you’ve been treating mousse. Why? Simple. It’s the overlooked pre-styling step to voluminous hair, the key to plumping strands and necessary for infusing body into any look you’re after. Tap through the gallery below for a roundup of celebrity hairstylists’ favorite mousse products, and their favorite ways to use them.

Use these celebrity hairstylist-approved teasing combs for major volume.


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