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6 Off-the-Radar Hair Supply Stores Celebrity Stylists Love

With the exception of behind-the-scene bites, Instagram offers a paper-thin peek of a celebrity hairstylist’s full artistic vision. The carefully curated selection of hairstyles found on these feeds requires the right recipe of hair supplies. So we asked Chuck Amos, Sami Knight, Justine Marjan, and Tym Wallace—where exactly do hair gurus shop for key ingredients? Keep reading to get privy to the indie hair supply stores that provide these stylists with their must-have products and tools.

Chuck Amos

Favorite off-the-radar or indie hair supply store: My very “off-the-radar” hair supply store isn’t even a “hair supply” store. It’s a hardware store! I like Home Depot. However, I love the special-effects hair supplies at Alcone and the in-depth hair options at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.

Where did you find out about it? Hardware store talk is a natural conversation amongst The Great Hair Artists, especially in Europe. I was led to this idea while working with Odile Gilbert in Paris, and Danilo while in NYC. Hair Gods Like Julien D’ys, Yanick D’ys, Nicolas Jurnjack, and of course, Eugene Souleiman and Orlando Pita all know of this “thinking outta the box,” in terms of “Hair Art,” and the Hardware Store is where they head to! I give this advice only to the very seasoned, extra careful hair artists of the world. It is the next step to creating True Magic and Art with actual hair (by using hair pieces and wigs as your medium).

Favorite things to buy there: Hair clamps (mini assistant), spray shellac, spray adhesive, and spray paint.


Sami Knight

Favorite off-the-radar or indie hair supply store:
This isn’t an indie store, but I’m always thankful for a Sally’s Beauty Supply in a small town, if I’m out shooting on location and run out of something. They might not have exactly what you’re looking for, but 9 times out of 10 they’ll have a close match, and all the stores stock regional products. I’ve found some real gems out there, from Rogers, Arkansas to Baltimore, Maryland.

Where did you find out about it?
Everyone knows Sally’s, but she’s often forgotten!

Favorite things to buy there:
Little paper envelopes of hair nets, countless tail combs, and masses of hair colour when I don’t have exactly what I’m looking for in my kit for wigs, extensions or even an unplanned client colour change.

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Justine Marjan

Favorite off-the-radar or indie hair supply store: Naimies in Studio City!

Where did you find out about it?
It’s an LA must for the industry insiders.

Favorite things to buy there:
Literally everything! I’ll get combs, clips, BLAX elastics, bobby pins of every shape and size, Bumble and bumble, R and Co, and Oribe.


Tym Wallace

Favorite off-the-radar or indie hair supply store: Mane Beauty at 412 Eighth Ave, New York, NY 10001.

Where did you find out about it? Ironically, I stumbled on it while walking the streets of NYC. It’s in the heart of midtown Manhattan, right close to 42nd street. Just one day, I walked in and it had everything I needed—hair tools, hair care products, accessories from my go-to brands. It’s a really good one-stop beauty supply store at reasonable prices. Also, the team is very friendly and helpful. They even follow me on my Instagram.

Favorite things to buy there:

    • It’s A 10 Leave-in Miracle Product
    • Wahl Clippers
    • Mason Pearson Brush
    • ORIBE Apres Beach Wave and Shine spray
    • Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong


Do you have a fave indie hair supple store that’s off the radar? Tell us below!


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