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The Best Teasing Combs for Major Volume

If there’s a nonexistent pep in your strands’ step, consider this: You’re using the wrong teasing comb, or not using one at all—gasp! That’s a cardinal sin for volume-seekers. Adding volume to any hairstyle seems like a scary mission, but with the right teasing comb, we guarantee you’ll score oomph every time. Scroll below for a roundup of celebrity hairstylists’ go-to teasing combs, including tips on how to use them like a pro, from the pros themselves.

YS Park YS-150 Teasing Comb: $30

This teasing comb comes recommended to us by Preston Wada.

Why he loves it: I love this comb because of the precision and glide the comb has when teasing. I also love the tail end of the comb because it allows you to sculpt the hair very easily.

Favorite way to use on clients: There are so many amazing ways to use this comb, but right now I am loving a lot of height on a deep part. I take diagonal sections on the side of the part and tease it to give this amazing volume that effortlessly swoops over.

Pro tip: Don’t tease messily because this will make it extremely difficult to take out. Make sure the sections are clean. Count how many times you tease to create symmetry all over.

How to clean: I usually clean my teasing comb after every use because I use it on different people every day. But if it’s your own comb, I would clean it every couple of uses to remove product buildup. The great thing about the YS Park Teasing Comb is that it is so easy to clean. It doesn’t have bristles like the other combs do. You would just need some warm water, a disposable eyebrow brush, and soap.

YS Park 150 Teasing Comb

(via YS Park)

Tool Structure Tease Layers Rattail Comb: $2.99

Brandin Palestino recommends this affordable teasing comb.

Why he loves it: I love it because it gets the job all the way done. The teeth on the comb are layered and tease every single strand of hair that they come into contact with.

Favorite way to use on clients: I’m such a glam hair on steroids type of stylist—the bigger, the better. So any time a glam girl is in my chair I tease her hair. Any style, from old Hollywood to beach waves to even pin straight, they always want volume at the root.

Pro tip: I always make sure to create clean lines before starting. Starting at the root, I make a clean part then begin to back comb. I always back comb each section about three times depending on how much volume my client wants or look we are going for. And for more volume throughout the entire hair I always back comb the mid shaft of the hair once or twice.

How to clean: I clean my teasing comb immediately right after using it, out of habit.

Tool Structure Tease Layers Rattail Comb

(via Sally Beauty)

YS Park YS-101 Winding Tail Comb: $16

Another YS Park recommendation, this one comes to us from Ashley Rubell.

Why she loves it: It’s a really comfortable grip, it’s heat hesitant so I don’t have to think twice about ruining anything when I’m in the middle of styling, and most importantly, it does the job well. I haven’t found another comb whose teeth give me the max amount of volume I can get from my YS Park.

Favorite way to use on clients: I like using it to back comb against a braid for an added texturized and thickening effect. I also like using it when putting in clip-in extensions, because two subtle combs at the base are going to give just enough added grip for the clips to hold onto without overdoing it or making it look unnatural.

Pro tip: Often times I think it’s easy to forget about the direction you hold the hair while teasing, but it’s an important part of the equation. Think about finishing the hair the same way you do when setting it. The more over-direction there is, the more volume.

How to clean: I normally just use warm water and soap to clean most of my combs. Because this particular one has so many teeth, it’s helpful to use a toothbrush or soft pipe cleaner to really get in there and eliminate any lingering debris.

YS Park YS-101 Winding Tail Comb

(via YS Park)

Sheila Stotts Untangle Brush: $36

Alex Brown is a big fan of using this brush as a teasing comb.

Why she loves it: This brush has the perfect amount of bristles to create the best tease/backcomb. It’s super lightweight and creates amazing volume in the hair by teasing with it.

Favorite way to use on clients: I love to create a fuller looking topknot by teasing the ponytail with the Sheila Stotts Brush before wrapping and pinning it into a topknot. It also works amazing to create big brushed-out waves when you tease each section and lightly brush them together.

Pro tip: Make sure you take sections and be sure to lightly brush over the top of the tease so that it doesn’t look too messy/ratty.

How to clean: I love to run it under hot water and scrub it with dish soap all the time to remove any product buildup.

Sheila Stotts Untangle Brush

(via Sheila Stotts)

YS Park YS-115EX Fine Teeth Tail Comb: $26

One final YS Park teasing comb recommendation comes to us from Ruslan Nureev.

Why he loves it: It has two different teeth sets attached on top of each other which really helps teasing.

Favorite way to use on clients: Teasing some extra on the crown area of the head when you create loose waves to get that bedhead messy style with volume.

Pro tip: Take 1-inch wide sections and start teasing hair from mid-length directly to roots, spraying each section with hairspray. That way the hair will be very secure and will hold the shape.

How to clean: I’d say clean it every three to four uses by rinsing it with hot water to remove all the residue.

YS Park YS-115EX Fine Teeth Tail Comb

(via YS Park)

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