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5 Celebrity-Founded Hair Products With Actual Rave Reviews

It’s easy for celebrities to throw money at a new project and slap their name on it. In recent years especially, the entertainment industry has migrated over to beauty. But unlike, let’s say, a decade ago, many of the stars you see on camera are actually putting effort into overseeing product formulations and how their brand develops altogether. In fact, many of these brands and products have gone on to break through the gimmicks of being celebrity-owned. We’ve rounded up popular hair products owned by celebrities that actually have rave reviews. From brands focused on coily hair, to others with an emphasis on hair dye, we picked five specific products that apparently have the general public’s stamp of approval. Keep reading for our full list!

Pattern Beauty’s Leave-In Conditioner

$25 at PatternBeauty.com

Whether you go on Pattern’s website or Ulta’s, you’ll see this is the most frequently (and most favorably) reviewed product from Tracee Ellis Ross’s brand. Made primarily for frizzy and wavy 3C and 3A/3B hair, reviews note that it’s important to watch how-to videos and make sure you pay attention to your hair type before purchasing. Provided you follow guidelines, this highly-touted product is said to really get the job done. In fact, Covet & Mane founder Dafina Smith counts herself as a fan. “It’s my favorite for wash and gos,” she tells Mane Addicts. “It gives that extra hydration and moisture my hair needs, making it manageable and easy to style.”

TPH by Taraji Never Salty Sugar Hair & Scalp Scrub

$13.99 at TPHByTaraji.com

Taraji P. Henson launched her hair care line, and so far so good. The brand, sold exclusively at Target, has a vast selection of products—but it’s the scalp scrub that’s won over consumers most. Considered a “holy grail” product by reviewers with dandruff, the scrub is said to give a relaxing, spa-like sensation, thanks to the peppermint and other clarifying ingredients. But beware, say some—the minty aroma is very strong, so if you’re averse to intense fragrance, this may not be for you.

Salon in a Box

$98 at SiennaNaturals.com

This particular product (or shall we say collection) doesn’t have as many reviews as other items on this list, but of the 216 listed on its website, 189 are five stars. Founded by Issa Rae and Sienna Naturals’ CEO Hannah Diop, Salon in a Box contains H.A.P.I. Shampoo, which hydrates and cleanses hair from root to tip; Plant Power deeply hydrating treatment mask that strengthens and softens; Dew Magic, which hydrates, softens, and strengthens; and Lock & Seal, an anti-breakage styling gel. Made for dry, damaged, and color-treated hair, this four-piece set saves you a few trips to the salon!

Good Dye Young Kowabunga Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

$18 at GoodDyeYoung.com

When it comes to popular hair products owned by celebrities, Paramore’s Hayley Williams is one of the first names that comes to mind. In 2016, the rocker teamed up with her colorist Brian J. O’Connor to launch Good Dye Young. Among their wild selection of semi-permanent and temporary shades, the brand’s electric green Kowabunga shade has stolen the hearts of consumers. Considered a product that blends well with other colors and lasts longer on the hair than listed on the packaging, it’s even been said to glow under a black light!

Honest Shampoo + Body Wash, Calm

$10.99 at Honest.com

A list of popular hair products owned by celebrities wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Jessica Alba’s Honest brand. The actress-turned-entrepreneur was at the forefront of traditional celebs pivoting into the beauty space. While her products focus primarily on makeup, skincare, and baby wellness, she did throw a few basic hair products into the mix. The brand’s Gentle Calming Lavender Shampoo (which doubles as a body wash) has received positive reviews, thanks to its relaxing yet not overpowering aroma, along with its ability to be used on kids and adults. Although, per the reviews, it’s important to remember the gentleness of the product, so if you’re using it on heavily soiled or especially long and thick hair, it may not do the trick.

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