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The Proper Way to Apply Foam Dry Shampoo, According to a Celebrity Stylist

Dry shampoo has been with us through our roughest times. It’s been supportive during breakups and after workouts, it has loved us even through the longest camping trip. We didn’t think a product could get any better until foam formulas started popping up. Boy were we wrong. Foam dry shampoo is here to stay and this is the correct way to apply it, according to super celebrity stylist Mark Townsend.

Foam dry shampoo is tricky. It oozes out of its can in a wet, thick formula. We are used to pointing dry shampoo directly at the area where you want a refresh. You may be tempted to do so with foam dry shampoo- but not so fast says Mark.

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(via Dove)

Instead of applying foam dry shampoo directly from the can to your scalp, you need to first apply it to the palms of your hands. After your palms have a quarter-sized amount of the product, you need to rub. Yes, you read right. Rub. As your rub, let the tips of your fingers collect product. Like magic, after a few strokes, the foam disappears into a fine powder.

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam: $28.00

One the formula has changed to a fine powder consistency, the real fun begins. Here is the real trick so listen up. According to Mark, what really makes a hairstyle stand out (and last all night on the red carpet) is the way you apply the foam-turned-fine-powder dry shampoo. You need to place both your hands parallel to your cheekbones, but about one inch away from them. Enter your mane of hair from below your cheekbones in an upward motion. Doing this will ensure that you get in the crevices but that you tackle roots and strands in an upward motion. This gives you movie star volume and amazing, lived-in texture.

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