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Vernon François’ Best Haircut Tips for 3A to 4C Curls

If you have textured locks and have been considering going for a major chop, Vernon François is here to help. The celebrity stylist, educator, and founder champions texture in a big way, having created his own product line, Vernon François Haircare. Although his products are made with all hair types in mind, his luxurious formulas give curls, specifically, the extra dose of nourishment they truly need.

He filled us in on everything we really need to know before snipping those coils. So, read on below for Vernon François’ best haircut tips, favorite types of products, and more.

Vernon François best haircut tips | Mane Addicts
(Image courtesy of Vernon François)

Mane Addicts: What do you think are the absolute best hair cuts for 3A to 4C curls? 

Vernon François: There isn’t a best haircut (or cuts), per se, as each individual’s hair, face shape, and size are large factors to consider. You should also remember that personality, lifestyle, intentions, and requirements may differ per person. A good cut should always take all these elements into account and be designed to fit the needs and style of the person while still providing versatility.

MA: What are a few things anyone with textured hair should know (straight from a stylist) before they decide to go for a major chop?

VF: Before changing your look, be confident that this is something you really want to do. You should also ensure you know how to be versatile with the new look. Having a major chop is always exciting and can either mean less work or more work for you afterward. Consult with your stylist on the options so you know what to expect and invest in the right products for styling.

MA: What products are best to add to your routine if you do decide to go for a shorter cut? 

VF: It’s not necessarily about what products are best because the same can be used on short as well as long hair. It’s more about being mindful of the amount, how you’re applying it, when, where, and how often. The density of kinks, coils, curls, and waves can vary greatly from one individual to another which can affect the look, feel, and behavior of a hairstyle as well. I recommend choosing products with moisturizing or conditioning properties. Mousse and gels can also provide extra hold if necessary. 

MA: What are your own personal favorite cuts? 

VF: Personally, I’ve always been a fan of hairstyles that show off the neckline, but it’s never about what I think or prefer—it’s always about the individual client! A cut becomes amazing and beautiful when it’s designed to fit their specific needs and desires. My job is always to provide a service, and while I have a vast knowledge of different shapes and size cuts, it really doesn’t matter what my favorite is. Each person who sits in my chair has a unique experience.

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