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The Trick to Making a Terrible Haircut Better

Scary hair will happen to us at least once in a lifetime for various reasons: you decided to go bold with bangs, you switched stylists, turns out that celebrity is the only one who can pull off that shape—the list goes on. If you’ve recently been struck with a terrible haircut, fear not. After a bad haircut, these renowned celebrity hairstylists will help you get back on track to better hair days.

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Manage Your Expectations

Why would a haircut not work you may ask? Paul Labrecque, who has worked with icons like Renée Zellweger and clients at his NYC, Philadelphia, and Palm Beach locations, explains. “You’re talked into layers by your stylist and now your hair is big and it has no weight against the humidity,” he begins. “Or the length feels too short, or oops, a full bang makes your face look really round and doesn’t work with your natural cowlicks,” he continues. “Things like this can occur as a result of a bad consultation, or from unrealistic expectations,” he concludes.

Talk to Your Stylist

Hairstylist Jill Buck of celeb haven Nine Zero One Salon takes an upfront approach, “Don’t be afraid to tell your hairstylist the cut isn’t working for you. If they don’t feel comfortable fixing it, they can always recommend someone to help,” she says.

Try Extensions

After the awkward confrontation has taken place, Jill suggests considering extensions and a natural hair supplement like Viviscal or Nutrafol to help promote quicker growth. She pleads for your patience as regrowth will take time.  You can always console yourself with the thought that bad haircuts aren’t permanent.

Put Your Hair Up

Paul Labrecque also suggests waiting it out and taking a few proactive steps right after the bad cut. His first rule is to never ever keep a mullet, “if your hair has been over-layered, cut off the back tail.” No ifs, ands, or buts. If you’ve received bad bangs, a simple fix can be gelling them to the side or using small bobby pins to secure strands in place. “If you feel your cut was too short, wear it behind your ears and don’t use any headbands to accessorize,” he says. His final hack when all else fails? “The forever faithful ponytail and bobby pins,” he asserts.

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