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5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles Every Bride Under 30 Should Emulate on Their Big Day

No one does wedding hair like celebs, which is why they’re our go-to for inspo every nuptial season. Though love is ageless, there’s something undeniably fun about seeing how young brides style their locks. Whether it’s a romantic wavy style with a playful touch, a statement veil, or a touchable up-style, these girls make elegant look off-duty. We’re rounding up the best celebrity wedding hairstyles as demonstrated by a highly imitable crop of under-30 wedded icons, including Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber.

Sophie Turner’s Bun

When a Jonas brother asks for your hand, you give it. Sophie and Joe tied the knot in a regal setting (after a viral Vegas wedding) and Sophie’s hair matched the occasion. The Game of Thrones vixen opted for a tight center-parted chignon that dresses up every situation.


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Hailey Bieber’s Veil

Hailey Bieber said “till death do us part” with an internet breaking veil perfectly positioned by a bouffant-inspired updo.

Ariana Grande’s Bow

Ariana tied a bow when she tied the knot. Her hair is pulled back—but not in her signature ponytail—she lets her tresses fall in waves down her back for a romantic touch and the best of both worlds via half-up half-down.


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Miley Cyrus’s Gloss

Miley’s silky dress was perfectly complemented by her glossy, wavy, highlighted mane during her wedding to Liam Hemsworth. We’ll always remember the power coupled fondly.

Chrissy Teigen’s Windswept Bun

Chrissy Teigen exchanged vows with John Legend in a windswept chignon in Lake Cuomo before her milestone birthday.


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