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Celebrities That Prove Wigs Can Be the Best Protective Style for Natural Hair

Wigs are great. It’s that simple. Is there another option that gives people the ability to switch up their hair color, hair texture, hair length, etc. with zero commitment? The answer is no, friends. Wigs are it. Wigs are “that girl.” It’s the versatility for us.

In the past, wigs were considered the option for people who were uncomfortable with their hair for one reason or another. These days, wearing a wig is as deep as wearing makeup and we love it! For celebrities that often change their look depending on the project they work on, wigs are the secret to keeping their real hair healthy and happy. The quality of some are on another level, installs are done so well these days and your natural hair is just chilling, safely tucked away, fully thriving underneath. We compiled a list of celebrities that wear wigs and enjoy their gorgeous, healthy hair. Check it out below!

Megan Thee Stallion

While we will forever love the rapper’s ever-changing hair colors and styles, we can’t get enough of the glimpses Meg gives us of her gorgeous hair that she wears curly and straight.

Cardi B

Even though Cardi B wears wigs often, she has documented her healthy hair journey, sharing recipes (her viral hair mask) and tips (boiled onion water) she used to get her hair to butt length.

Zoe Saldana

When your job has you playing some of the most iconic characters in sci-fi one day and then starring in dramatic series the next, wearing a wig becomes a necessity. We love that the actress keeps her hair fuss-free during her free time.

Nicki Minaj

Let’s be honest, Nicki Minaj’s hair always looks good. The rap queen gave followers a look at her relaxer-free, waist-length hair.


Zendaya’s fashion sense is legendary at this point but can we talk about her hair? We love her loose curls as much as we love the different wigs she wears to complement her outfits.


How gorgeous are Latto’s blonde curls? The rapper often wears her natural hair in different styles when she’s not wearing a wig.

Kerry Washington

We will forever think of Olivia Pope when we think of a sleek bob (and red wine in big glasses). While we loved her hair on Scandal, we’re really feeling the natural curls Kerry Washington rocks these days.


Ciara proudly shared her healthy hair progress with followers after a bad experience with a relaxer. She continues to wear wigs while growing her hair out.

Justine Skye

Justine Skye is known for being a bit of a hair chameleon. We love that the singer switches it up even when she’s not wearing a wig, often coloring her natural curls.


We love Lizzo’s long wigs. We love Lizzo’s afro-puffs. We love Lizzo. The singer posted a picture of her natural hair after dying it a warm brown shade.


Sza’s enthusiasm was infectious when she posted pics of her hair progress, tagging her stylist Deanna Paley. The stylist helps keep her healthy under her gorgeous wigs.

Yung Miami

The City Girl’s wigs are always perfect. Her natural hair is literally healthy ends goals.

Serena Williams

The GOAT’s natural curls are gorgeous, with the ends a lighter shade than the rest of her hair.

Thinking about trying a wig for the first time? Check out THIS article for some tips and tricks.

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