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Celebs Most Likely to Get Bangs in 2016

Bangs for 2016

Because bangs may be one of our favorite trends for the new year, we’ve compiled a list of celebs we’d love to see don the look in 2016…

khloe kardashian

We have all seen Khloe Kardashian get blonder and blonder as each week passes and were shocked when she even chopped off her long wavy locks in favor of a chic bob, not to mention her wardrobe is daring and edgy as she shows off her new slim body. These are all reasons that Khloe is the first nomination for who I foresee taking the plunge in 2016 to committing to bangs.

Harry Josh Kate Hudson

Secondly, theres Kate Hudson, who keeps getting more gorgeous with age. She is a mother, an entrepreneur, an actress, and another strong willed woman in the world of fashion trends. Her tight and plunging red carpet looks, swoon worthy blonde mane, and effortless style scream beauty icon. She is not afraid to push the limits with her fashion, so then why not her hair? Kate Hudson is another fitting candidate courageous enough to chop off her locks in order to showcase bangs in the new year.

Lauren Conrad

Lastly, is perhaps an unexpected candidate for new and bold trends with her mane- the lovely Lauren Conrad. She has been popping up this past week all over newsfeed for going red. As many know from her Laguna Beach she has been a longtime Californian blonde! Though she had dabbled in pink tips and temporary hair colors, this red mane came as quite a welcomed shock. This bold departure from her signature do gives faith to debut chic bangs for 2016.



What celebs do you think would look great with fringe? Sound off in the comments below!

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