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MANESPIRATION: Celebs Most Likely to Have a New Hairstyle in 2016

The new year is a time of new beginnings. As we enter into 2016, we’re taking a look back in order to get a glimpse of the year ahead, and our whole team can’t help but wonder who’s most likely to step up their hair game in 2016? Here are some of our predictions for who’s manes to keep on our radar…


Kardashian Sisters

In 2015, the Kardashian sisters gave us a some serious switch-ups with their mane games. Khloe and Kim became a favorite for color transformations from naturally dark brunette to platinum blonde, and even took their long locks to a flattering, shoulder-sweeping lob length. And there’s no saying what Kylie will do with her mane this year. We’ve already seen her green, grey, blue, platinum, and ombre, so we feel pretty confident saying that she’s going to continue to surprise us with a new ‘do in the year ahead. 


Gigi Hadid Vogue Italia Afro

Some stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj, will always keep us on our toes when it comes to change. Their playful sense of style includes wigs of every size, shape, and color and it’s this consistent evolution that keeps us hooked with wonder on what they’ll do next. They’re the manes and faces that grace the covers of magazine stands and shift the image of beauty as spokespersons and collaborators for brands like MAC, Covergirl, and OPI. But this year, we’re predicting Gigi Hadid as one to follow suit. Though her style is much more classic than our other eccentric ladies in this category, she continues to surprise us by wigging out — from her AMA bobbed wig by Mane Master Bryce Scarlett to her rainbow afros on the cover of Vogue Italia by Guido Palau, we’re excited to keep our eyes on new the Maybelline spokesmodel and her mane switch ups in 2016. 


Short Haircuts

When it comes to having major hair envy, there are those women who can literally pull off any hair style — think Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Kiera Knightley. Usually they’re playing a leading role on the silver screen and are the most talked about beauty looks of the red carpet. They’re the women who go from bangs to no bangs; long hair to short hair; brunette to redhead to blonde and back. We always have excitement anticipating the mane changes of our red carpet starlets. 



The female vocalists we’ll be watching closely this year include Zendaya, who will be the new brand ambassador for CHI haircare in 2016 and Rihanna, whose mane we are always trying to keep our eyes on because it’s different with every appearance she makes. But with a fresh start, we hope to see a surprising switch up from Adele in her limelight, and are predicting it’s about time for Taylor Swift to shake it off and shake it up with a new signature hairstyle this year. 

Which celebs are you hoping to see a hair change from this year? Share with us in the comments below! 

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