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6 Celebs Who Prove the Ombré Hair Trend Is Here to Stay

A few years before balayage made its way to the tresses of every celeb and influencer, there was a popular little trend called ombré. Celebs who wore the ombré trend were everywhere—from Khloé Kardashian, to Ashley Benson and more, no star’s look failed to pop when graced with the stylish coloring technique.

It’s important to note there’s been confusion between ombré and balayage, as they tend to look similar. But balayage is much more natural looking, with a less distinct transition between dark and light. Ombre, on the other hand, is more of a gradient look, presenting what appears to be grown-out roots. Ombré can be a bit edgier and bold.

With that said, we still love the ombré hair trend, even if it’s not quite as popular in 2021. Below are six celebs who wore the ombré hair trend best, and quite frankly have us wondering why it ever disappeared in the first place (be warned, the photo quality may not be the greatest, since we had to dig deep into the archives)!

Khloé Kardashian

Each Kardashian has their thing, and in our opinion, Khloé has most consistently stolen the show with her ombré hair. Whether its booty-long locks or bleach blonde strands, she rarely disappoints! Case in point: this ombré lob she rocked in 2017 like a true queen.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has like never had an awkward phase, so naturally she was right on schedule when she embraced a honey blonde ombré look in 2015.

Rachel Bilson

While most famously known for playing Summer Roberts in The O.C., Rachel Bilson was also at the forefront of the ombré hair trend. While not the clearest shot, the starlet posted a Met Ball throwback, donning the delightful ‘do.

Ashley Benson

On the verge of when the it-look transitioned over to balayage, Ashley Benson rocked a bold blonde ombré like no other in 2017. The former Pretty Little Liars star has never been one to fail in the hair department, but this look is quite the standout.

Lucy Hale

Speaking of Pretty Little Liars, Benson’s costar Lucy Hale was also no stranger to cutting-edge tresses. From the dark and light hair contrast, to the lip and skin tone contrast, this bold look absolutely popped.

Lauren Conrad

In Lauren “LC” Conrad’s heyday, she set all the trends. The former star of The Hills had all the hottest hair stylists at her fingertips, and it showed. Rocking a blonde, shoulder-length ombre lob, the reality star-turned-entrepreneur looked effortlessly cool in 2014 at the height of the trend.

Still confused about the difference between ombre and other similar styles? Click HERE for the breakdown!

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