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Celebs Who Still Rock a Side Part—and Look Darn Good Doing It

The teens have spoken—and just like that, side parts (and skinny jeans) are deemed unacceptable! We know, we’re laughing, too. Like why do they get to make the rules? Don’t they know there are a slew of celebs who still wear side parts?

From young to full-grown, there are plenty of lovely ladies in the spotlight who still manage to make this allegedly dated ‘do look cool. Don’t believe us? Scroll through our long list below of celebs who still wear side parts—and look darn good doing it!

bella hadid looks down as she walks with long brown hair and a side part in a white top
(via Getty)

Adriana Lima

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel may be trying to go incognito in her dark sunnies, but those bold lips and defined side part surely make her pop!

(via Getty)

Audrina Partridge

Audrina may be best known to fans for her on-and-off relationship with The Hills costar Justin “Brescia” Bobby, but to us at Mane Addicts, we associate her with those long, luscious locks. The reality starlet’s hair color has evolved over time, but that glam side part has been her consistent go-to.

(via Getty)

Bella Hadid

Bella is the ultimate trendsetter, and when it comes to her hair, there’s no exception. The model looks every bit the stylish starlet with this minimal makeup and side part combo.

(via Getty)

Bella Thorne

It’s rare we see Bella in full glam anymore, but her dolled-up looks need to make a comeback! Her natural beauty shines through with this look—her side part giving girl-next-door vibes to an otherwise bold ensemble.

(via Getty)

Candice Swanepoel

If a Victoria’s Secret model is down to rock a side part, you can believe it’s ok. The South African bombshell stuns in this ultra glam ensemble.

(via Getty)

Constance Wu

While it’s her stylish mixed prints that really steal the show here, there’s no denying that the Hustlers actress can pull off a side part effortlessly.

(via Getty)

Dove Cameron

Our fave Disney darling glammed it up with a side part for an appearance, and we’ve got to say—she looks incredible.

(via Getty)

Emma Stone

Emma loves her side part, and quite frankly, we’re not mad at it! America’s Sweetheart always looks of utmost elegance in her signature hairstyle.

(via Getty)

Gigi Hadid

Our girl Gigi looks next-level glam, and much is due to her deep side part. Her luscious, long locks are accentuated here, creating the perfect appearance.

(via Getty)

Gisele Bündchen

Anyone else loving this theme of Victoria’s Secret models (past and present) rocking a side part with perfection? They obviously know a thing or two about getting glam for the cam, so we’ll take their word for it and assume this look is A-OK—as evidenced here with the iconic Gisele.

(via Getty)

Jessica Chastain

Jessica is the epitome of a class act, and this side part here just bleeds of elegance!

(via Getty)

Karlie Kloss

This look is A+ from head to toe. The color blocking, topped off with a polished side part and glowy skin is a trifecta of all around goodness.

(via Getty)

Kate Hudson

Kate never fails in the hair department, and this straight side part is no exception. The blonde bombshell stuns in a complementary color contrast with her dark gown.

(via Getty)

Kate Middleton

Ah, The Duchess of Cambridge! It’s safe to say if a side part is good enough for Kate, it should be perfectly acceptable for anyone. Kate loves her side part, and who are we to disagree?

(via Getty)

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia may be getting used to life in the spotlight, but the “Drivers License” singer is no stranger to style! Not only do we love the way she dresses, but she can put her fellow Gen Z folks to shame with how good she looks with her side part.

(via Getty)

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten is a Hollywood vet, so if she wants to wear her side part with pride, we are not about to stop her. Oh, but did we mention how good she looks?

(via Getty)

Margot Robbie

Margot could wear a bag over her head and look like the A-lister she is, so we are not here for anyone coming for her side part—which looks gorgeous btw.

(via Getty)


Ri just shut down all the side part haters, amirite? We all know the superstar can pull off any look she dares, but this look in particular is really making a case for the so-called “dated” ‘do.

(via Getty)

Selena Gomez

Selena is one of the most experimental stars when it comes to trying different hairstyles, but whatever she does, she knocks it out of the park each time. I mean could anyone look more effortlessly cool than she does, dressed totally down with this casual side part?

(via Getty)

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