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PFW: SS16 The Celine Braid by Guido Palau

Celine Braid by Guido PalauPreview

Celine’s SS16 collection was a fun departure from the tailored pieces we’ve seen in the past. With draped lingerie like silks, lace embellishments, lightweight jackets, colorful bags, and shiny shoes, the entire look evoked a balance of masculine and feminine. Strong lines mixed with softer fabrics, black, white, and red. Tailored necklines required that the hair be pulled back off the face.

Celine Braid by Guido Palau

And with Guido Palau for Redken on hair, it’s no surprise to also find a soft masculine quality to the hair.

“It’s a bit boyish and inspired by Sade, who was an English singer in the 80s,” says Guido, “but it’s got some height in the front and it’s kind of squared off, meaning it’s not a pulled back, round ponytail.”

Celine Braid by Guido Palau

“I started by blow drying the hair very smooth using Redken’s Guts 10 and Shape Factor 22, which I applied at the forehead and just raked through with my fingers; because it’s got that great hold and adds a little bit of lift. Then, I pulled it back into a ponytail in the middle of the head and used Redken’s Braid Aid 03 to create the very clean braid and really hold it in place.”

“Overall, the look feels quite tomboyish, but still super polished and modern, which is very Celine.”

Celine Braid by Guido Palau


  1. Start by spraying Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer all over damp hair and comb through.
  2. Apply Redken Guts 10 volumizing spray-foam to damp hair from roots to ends.
  3. Using fingers, apply a nickel-size amount of Redken Shape Factor 22 sculpting cream-paste just to the crown of the forehead, raking back into the hair.
  4. Use a flat brush to blow dry the hair straight, lifting the roots at the crown for added for height.
  5. Create a short side part with a comb, and then emulsify a dime-size amount of Redken Shape Factor 22 sculpting cream-paste in palms and work into the front of the hair to define the part.
  6. Pull hair back into a clean ponytail, securing in the middle of the head with an elastic.
  7. Work a nickel-size amount of Redken Braid Aid 08 defining braid lotion into the length of the ponytail, and then braid hair to the ends, securing with a small elastic.
  8. Finish with a thorough spray of Redken Triple Take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray all over for lasting hold.


Be sure to follow @guidopalau for more #manespiration.

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