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Ceremonia’s Sunday Reset Duo Is the Ultimate Fine Hair Routine

Ceremonia is the moment. A newcomer to the beauty scene, Ceremonia made waves when it launched back in 2020 with a line of intentionally-curated, natural products rooted in the brand’s Latin American heritage. With a trove of high-impact formulas fitted for all hair types, the sustainable haircare company has become a permanent fixture on every cool girl’s shower shelf. One of the brand’s most popular treatments has garnered serious attention: Sunday Reset Duo.

Complete with the Papaya Scalp Scrub and a follow-up Mascarilla de Babassu Hair Mask, this simple set packs a one-two punch of vital exfoliation and mega moisture. I did a deep dive into this must-buy haircare combination with a full review of Ceremonia’s Sunday Reset Duo!

Serene Scents and Bold Packaging

First impressions are everything. And here, Ceremonia’s packaging makes a big impact, even before you open the products. With color-blocked cardboard boxes featuring block letter print and intricate interior graphic designs, opening Ceremonia’s Sunday Reset Duo was like opening a birthday gift. The products themselves are encased in a similarly-styled PCR-centric jar, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to sustainable practices.

The products themselves are formulated with the same care and attention. The Papaya Scalp Scrub features a spa-like, slightly sweet scent, while the Mascarilla de Babassu Hair Mask draws on refreshing notes of aloe with an almost cocoa butter-like undertone. The serene fragrances heighten the experience of applying the products, even before you fully dive in.

Ceremonia sunday reset duo review | Mane Addicts

(via Ceremonia)

Ultra Luxe Textures and Exceptional Results

Now let’s dig into the products themselves. Spoiler alert: they live up to the hype. The Papaya Scalp Scrub is beautifully crafted, whipped to a buttery perfection (it’s like frosting, seriously). With a gorgeous pearlescent pink color and flecks of Bolivian pink salt throughout, this concoction is pure luxury. Upon application, just a dollop of this thick shampoo scrub is all you need. The formula immediately foams up so you can work it through your root with ease. Just a one-minute scrub rid my strands of impurities. Despite the rich formulation, the scrub leaves behind zero residue. Perfect for shampooing finer strands.

The Mascarilla de Babassu Hair Mask is equally as high-end. A little on the lighter side, this creamy mask has a smoothness that works well for fine hair types. Here, I’d recommend opting for a little more mask than you think you need in order to fully coat your mid-lengths to your ends. While I normally stray away from applying masks close to my roots, I went ahead and applied just a little bit of this treatment to my fringe. To my surprise, Ceremonia’s mask was entirely non-greasy, reviving my dry tresses without weighing them down.

The post-wash results were simply stunning. My hair and scalp were left refreshed, residue-free, with a healthy shine. After a week of styling and blow drying, my ends are always a little limp. But the Sunday Reset Duo breathed new life into my tired mane, adding much needed hydration and body. With this perfect pair, you’ll be ready to take on the week.

Ultra Luxe Textures and Exceptional Results | Mane Addicts

(via Ceremonia)

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