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NEED TO KNOW: Chad Kenyon’s Advice For Summer Hair Color

Chad Kenyon

You’ve seen his expert color advice featured in Allure, Refinery29, Vogue and Women’s Health, not to mention his incredible talent for balayaging on A-list babes like Elisabeth Moss and Carla Gugino. Celebrity colorist Chad Kenyon brings his passion for painting effortless sunkissed strands to both coasts, splitting his time between the exquisite Salon Benjamin in West Hollywood and Melville Pipino Salon with Chad Kenyon in NYC. As an Olaplex Ambassador to boot, Chad really understands the chemistry behind every girl’s ultimate manespiration; becoming blonde. BUT even more importantly, this Mane Master always makes it a priority to protect your hair health on your way to sunkissed Cali strands.

With May’s final days upon us, our daydreams turn to BBQ’s, beach waves, and blonder days. So as you pull inspo from Pinterest and book your next visit to the salon, keep scrolling to hear what Chad has to say on how to maintain your brilliant blonder hues all summer long. Plus, find out the color-friendly product picks he swears by and his color trend forecast for summer 2016…

All of us blonding babes are officially obsessed with the magic of Olaplex. What’s the science behind how it heals damaged strands?

Olaplex is a unique chemistry that rebuilds broken disulfide bonds (which is essentially the interior mesh that forms the ‘structure’ of your hair). Creating permanent changes in hair color or hair texture requires us to break those disulfide bonds and reform them to achieve the desired color or texture. Olaplex finds those broken disulfide bonds and reforms them.

What’s your advice for keeping hair healthy in between visits to the salon?

Olaplex N°3 is amazing because it has the same patented ingredients as the professional-use Olaplex 1 & 2. This allows you to continue rebuilding your hair at home, so it’s in pristine condition when you go back for more balayage or color! I always prescribe hydrating hair masks and tell all my color clients to put oil on the ends twice a day to continually keep the hair hydrated. DSC_0068

What are some of your fave restorative products you recommend for protecting your color?

I’m currently obsessed with Orlando Pita’s Big Revival Bodifying Hair Mask, and for oils I recommend the Orlando Pita Argan Oil, Number 4 Restore & Repair Oil, and the Davines Oi/Oil is really great too.

What can you do to protect your color from the harsh rays of summer?

I strongly recommend using leave-in conditioners and even applying a hair mask before taking a dip in the pool or the ocean. Just like salt water, Chlorine is like a chemical salt and it can often have a negative effect on highlighted hair. Filling in the porosity of your hair with moisturizing masks and leave-ins is a great trick for prevention.

çolor by çhad kenyon

You share your passion for balayage from coast coast, travelling from LA to New York to Latin America! In your opinion how do hair trends differ from each city?

Within my clientele there is quite a bit of variation right now because I would say there’s a more current “trend” or attitude that ANYTHING GOES!

And thank god, because I feel like there should be freedom and zero limits to how we adorn ourselves. This aesthetic freedom is my philosophy: each individual’s look and aesthetic presentation is its own universe and we should all have executive control over the manner in which we present/express ourselves! So whether it’s creating color for a client or a character, it has to be specific and unique.

Color by Chad Kenyon

What’s your color trend forecast for Summer 2016?

It’s all about your personality and putting yourself out there. If you want to be blonde, if you’re into fantasy colors, redhead, EVERYTHING goes! I am seeing that a lot of my girls want sunkissed babylights framing the face, and I love painting in lighter locks to give an “uplifting” effect that really accentuates your best features.  

Where do you find color inspiration?

I’m inspired by the memories I have of my sister when we were little playing in the sun all summer. By the end of the summer, her hair would be sparkly and just glisten in the sun. I draw from those memories and images every single day in my work.  I also use pastries, candies, and sweets as inspiration for tone (I often name hair colors after delicious food 🙂 ) My parents own forest & farmland in Illinois and I often use the imagery and memories of the trees and bark when painting texture into the hair when doing balayage for lights and lows.  

Chad Kenyon

Click here for our fave summer-friendly hairstyles + for more manespiration follow Chad and check out his amazing educational videos with Olaplex!



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