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NEED TO KNOW: 3 Beauty Brands That Give Back

Beauty Brands that Give Back We hate to admit it, but there’s more to life than having a gorgeous head of hair. Today’s mane attraction is all about hair care companies that give back to their community! Not only do these inspiring organizations sell amazing hair care, but they’re also raising their voice to make a difference! Read on and make the world a better place by supporting these selfless beauty brands…


Each year, this uplifting organization recognizes everyday women across the globe working to make a difference in their local communities. L’Oreal Paris awards 10 of these worthy women with $10,000 to support their cause and to encourage their charitable efforts. This project initially began as a way to support neighborhoods in need, and has since grown to celebrate the worth of inspirational women everywhere. If you have an exceptional woman in your life that needs nominating, visit their website for details about the program.   PANTENE BEAUTIFUL LENGTHS

Established in 2006, Pantene Beautiful Lengths works with the American Cancer Society to make and distribute real-hair wigs for women fighting cancer. With more than 800,000 ponytails donated, Pantene is helping thousands of women around the world feel beautiful and confident by giving them access to hair care they need, but might not be able to afford. Their motto, “donate your 8 inches or $8 dollars” is raising major awareness and encouraging women across the country take the plunge by cutting off their ponytails! Want to donate your mane? Click here to make the cut!   OJON

Not only does Ojon work with the Rainforest Alliance to sustainably harvest the extremely rare oil they’ve earned their reputation from, they also work closely with MOPAWI, a nonprofit that supports rural tribes in northeastern Honduras. Together, they help to protect “nature’s hair-repairing golden elixir,” while providing for the community that helps to harvest it. Next time you slather on any of Ojon’s richly nourishing products, your hair will feel almost as amazing as your spirit!

Is there a selfless beauty brand that you love? Let us know who we should include in the comments!

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