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I Started Using a $180 Hair Mask—And Asked Its Founder What Makes It So Darn Expensive

Three months of quarantine have meant plenty of time to dig through every untouched skincare and hair product in my hefty beauty arsenal.

While some stuff remained kept to the side (or in my “gifts for mom” pile), others drew me in—Chaz Dean’s Bella Spirit Restorative Re-Moist hair mask being one of them. Hair in general is important to me. I like it looking long and luscious, but oddly enough, I’m not huge on hair products (outside of shampoo), and I only wash my hair once a week or less. As long as I’ve my flat iron in tow, I’m good to go!

For some reason, this particular mask caught my eye. And welp, here we are months later into quarantine, and this has become my shower staple—something I determined after just one use. As I’ve noted in the past, if I follow THIS specific four-step process (which includes this mask at the end), my mane is good as new for literally a full week. I have damaged hair, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on Instagram ever since I’ve incorporated this mask into my process and posted my shiny, long locks.

It only made sense that I looked up this magical mask to see its price point—and I was shocked when I saw it was a whopping $180. I’m no stranger to high-end hair services, but I don’t think I own any actual hair products over $75. I’ve compared the price to other higher-end lines of care, and most masks I found range from $42 – $98.

Bella Spirit by Chaz Dean Restorative Re-Moist Hair Mask: $180

(via Chaz Dean)

In order to learn more about haircare pricing in general (this mask included), I reached out to the man himself, Chaz Dean, who answered all my burning questions. Keep reading for what he had to say!

Mane Addicts: The Bella Spirit hair mask totally transforms my mane every time, but it’s got a pretty steep price point. Did it ever concern you that you may discourage some potential customers from purchasing the product?

Chaz Dean: Love to hear you’re a fan, it truly is an amazing, transformative product. I think WEN fans know the quality of the sourced ingredients and the vigorous testing and formulating that is behind every single WEN product and collection, so they understand they’re getting supreme quality when they make their purchasing decision. They also know they’ll see a substantial difference after one treatment.

MA: What factors go into setting price points for hair masks? What differentiates Bella Spirit from other effective (yet less costly) hair masks on the market?

CD: Ingredients are what dictates everything for WEN, whether it be a hair mask or something like our new Bella Spirit Self Tanning Bronzing Drops. We spent years formulating our exclusive four-tea complex and hand-picked additional ingredients like herbal botanical waters and amino acids to make sure that every single ingredient in the Bella Spirit Restorative ReMoist Hair Mask is used to fortify and restore lackluster hair. Every ingredient we include in any of our products has a specific purpose so there aren’t any unnecessary ingredients or fluff. I think this is what truly sets this product apart. We don’t use any fillers or sulfates that can be damaging to both your hair and scalp. Additionally, a ReMoist Treatment at Chaz Dean Studio in Los Angeles has been $50 for the past 27 years, I have never raised the price. With your Bella Spirit ReMoist Mask at home, you should get at least 16 treatments.

MA: What are the most important things consumers should pay attention to when it comes to selecting a hair mask (regardless of price)? 

CD: Making sure you’re using products without harsh chemicals is really the key. Ingredients like surfactants aren’t only damaging to your hair, but can be to your skin, as well. I always encourage customers to read the labels on any products they use. I also inform my customers to avoid products with high protein levels and SD alcohol, as these elements tend to dry out your hair, causing it to be finer and thinner.

MA: Is there anything else you want readers to know about the Bella Spirit hair mask or about your business or your products in general?

CD: I have always believed in the natural and healthy approach to haircare after treating so many clients with damaged, dull and lackluster hair. I handpicked ingredients from my garden and made it my mission to remove all harmful chemicals and ingredients that other products are usually formulated with, and chose to use nourishing botanicals, amino acids and essential oils. Every product in the WEN collection goes through these rigorous standards. Since the launch of my products in 2000, I’ve always been cruelty-free—no animal testing, no animal byproducts, and we are also recognized by the Leaping Bunny.

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