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This Cheap Hack Gets Rid of Brassiness on the Spot

Blondes have more fun… until they don’t. Too much play can lead to overexposure of the elements, causing brassy tones to creep up on your otherwise perfect mane. Brassiness has been haunting us for ages, causing distress as we realize we aren’t due with our stylist for a few weeks but can’t bear the thought of continuing to sport a copperhead much longer. We’ve searched “how to remove brassy tones” one too many times. Thankfully, we’ve found the perfect hack that destroys the warmer tones on the spot. And it’s cheap to boot too!

How to Remove Brassy Tones, According to Reddit

Wondering how to tone brassy hair at home? Reddit readers and beauty aficionados alike swear by this simple trick: sleep with a coat of purple shampoo to neutralize brassy tones and return your blonde to the tone you left the salon with. Brassiness happens when the naturally darker pigments in your hair come through your new blonde tones. The color purple naturally corrects those warm tones, cooling the shade by depositing the complete opposite color in your strands.

Washing with purple shampoo is always recommended for brassiness but the contact your actual hair shaft has with the purple tones is limited to your shower time. In order to extract as much pigment from your shampoo formula as you can, apply it before bedtime. Cover your pillow in an old case you don’t mind ruining and/or put a dark towel over it because your shampoo is very likely to stain. You can also try sleeping in a shower cap. Then in the morning, wash the formula off and repeat the process again if your warm tones need a bit more cooling down.

Best Purple Shampoo to Remove Brassiness

Scroll through the gallery for some of our favorite shampoos to help you remove brassiness from your blonde strands. You can thank us later!

Did you know brunettes should also be using purple shampoo? Various hairstylists explain why HERE!

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