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CHI Makes a Keratin Treatment for Dogs, and the Results Will Blow You Away

I don’t own a dog, so I can’t sit here and personally tell you that I’ve tried CHI’s keratin treatment on my furry pal, but I will tell you how I found out about the line—simply because an incredibly well-groomed dog caught my eye, and I just had to ask.

I met a friend at the park recently and I’d never seen her dog before. One look at this adorable pup and I knew this was no ordinary grooming. Its hair glistened in the sun, and I was especially taken by this, given that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and I highly doubt they’ve had access to professional groomers. Once I asked, they explained they owed it all to CHI’s keratin treatment.

I’ve been using CHI products for years, but I had no idea they had a keratin collection for dogs—what a brilliant idea! I looked into it more (because all my friends with pups should know about this), and there are three parts to the set: shampoo ($12.99), conditioner ($12.99) and detangling spray ($11.99).

Much like traditional keratin treatments for humans, these products soften dogs’ hair and restore shine, clean and hydrate and remove dirt and debris. They’re paraben and sulfate-free. They can be used on all breeds and are safe for dogs at least eight weeks old.

Curious about whether you should get a keratin treatment? Click HERE for five signs you need one ASAP.

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