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I Tried CHI’s Brand New Lava 2.0 Flat Iron—and Here’s What Makes It Different From the Rest

It’s been an exciting season for CHI haircare. In addition to freshly launching their luxe Graphene sneaker collection, they also released their hotly anticipated Lava 2.0 flat iron—and let’s just say it’s the gadget everyone will want in their toolkit.

The brand’s rep was kind enough to send me the sleek styling tool for review, and I spent my Monday night having a playdate with my hair.

The Product | Chi Lava 2.0 Flat Iron: $199

Let’s start with the most fascinating aspect of the CHI Lava 2.0 iron: The German-made must-have is made up of actual lava mineral floating plates. The iron is said to produce ions every time the plate is heated, resulting in healthier, stronger hair, reduced frizz and shine enhancement.

At $199 a pop, this is no cheap purchase. But let’s get into more of its perks. Among the many, it has 31 heat settings, goes up to 425 degrees, has a touch-activated digital temperature control, a sleek, ergonomic design and 40-second heat-up. And going back to the whole lava aspect, the heat conductor is known to be the most powerful in the world, allowing you to use lower heat settings while maintaining consistent heat that doesn’t fluctuate like traditional irons or plates.

The Experience

Pro tip: If you have extremely thick, coarse hair like me, you may want to opt for an electronic styling brush as a precursor to your flat-iron step. I have personally been using NuMe’s Straightening Brush, and it’s an excellent way to initially tame my unruly air-dried waves. A styling brush most likely won’t make your hair stick-straight, but it can definitely get you on the road to those sleek tresses.

After my normal round of using the NuMe brush (for no more than 10 minutes), I opened up my CHI Lava 2.0 package and prepared for use. Luckily, there aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles to this easy-to-use gadget. It’s incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. My only confusion was adjusting the temperature. But one quick glance through the manual and I learned that if I lightly pressed the power button, it would unlock the temperature field and I could press up or down digitally.

As soon as I began my straightening experience, the first thing I noticed was how smoothly the plates glided through my hair. I’m used to a bit of tugging—and certainly a pile of hair on the counter, post-use. That has not been the case with this tool. To top it off, my hair truly looked shiny, sleek and full. As of late, I’ve strayed from wearing my hair straight because I feel like it always looks weighed down. I got much more a sense of life with CHI’s Lava 2.0 iron than other irons I tried prior. And according to the comments I received on my Instagram post below, others agreed, too.

Bottom Line

Depending on your hair type, I don’t think an extraordinary, high-level hair tool is necessary. But if you have long, thick, wavy locks like mine (I’ve included a pic below of its natural wear so you can get a sense of the before and after), I definitely think a solid flat-iron is a worthy investment. Even if you only use it for special occasions, you’ll always have it when you need it.

It’s also important to note that you can do much more than just straighten your hair with this tool. A gander into the instruction manual will teach you how to volumize, create large curls and style your ends. It also provides a recommended temperature for your hair structure.

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