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chiara ferragni ear armor

Chiara Ferragni is not your average fashion blogger. After founding The Blonde Salad, which started as a website to document her outfits on the streets of her native Italy, the site evolved into a multi-million dollar business, complete with a self-designed shoe line, making her one of the most successful bloggers to date. Famous for her unique sense of style, Ferragni is no stranger to the camera, and such, has got her signature look of dewy skin and wavy locks down pat.

While she may not be quite as blonde as she was in 2009 when TBS debuted, her ‘bronde’ hue is clearly working for her. Back in 2013, Ferragni was even named a Global Brand Ambassador for Redken, which rolled out the partnership during fashion month, and since then, she’s worked with some of our favorite Mane Masters, Guido Palau and Tracy Cunningham, to name a few.

chiara ferragni

While Ferragni has naturally wavy hair, she’s even dubs it a ‘lions mane’ on her always-entertaining Snapchat story, she also alternates her looks with soft, styled curls that we can’t get enough of. The retro-esque hairdos perfectly compliment her eccentric style, (think patchwork denim jackets, bejeweled sneakers and graphic tees) and are easy to recreate at home.



  1. Start by towel drying wet hair and applying a generous amount of Blow Pro Heat Is On Protective Daily Primer from roots to ends.
  2. With a diffuser attachment, gently blow-dry hair using your fingers to retain the natural texture. If your hair is on the flatter side, take a large round brush, like Ibiza Hair Extended Cork Round Brush in Extra Large, and use on the front section of your hair for volume.
  3. After drying, wrap large sections of hair around a Hot Tools 2 inch Curling Iron to recreate Ferragni’s soft bend. For longer lasting waves, take each curl while it is still hot, wrap around your finger, and then secure with a duckbill clip at your scalp. Leave all the pieces set until they have cooled.
  4. If you set your curls, gently remove the clips, running your fingers through the waves to loosen. Finish by applying a dime-sized amount of Shu Uemura Essence Absolute Nourishing Protective Oil for ultimate shine.



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