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Chic AF Floral Afros Perfect for Summer

floral afro

There’s a springtime trend that’s been blooming for some time now. Women are adorning their afros with flowers!

afro crown credit maximushka
Photo Credit: MaxiMushka

We’re not talking just one or two flowers, but an entire floral arrangement.

hannahnselah afro floral
Photo Credit: @hannansaleh

Even guys are doing it!

afro flower on guy credit brandon stanciell
Photo Credit: Brandon Stanciell

We. Are. In. Awe.

the flower papi floral afro
Photo Credit: Brandon Stanciell

Floral afros can be done using either real or fake flowers and will transform your coily and curly locks into a beautiful masterpiece. This trend is perfect for festivals, concerts, weddings—or really, just any sunshine day.

Tiny flowers with flexible stems are great for creating crowns and fascinators. Simply take the stems and gently weave them into the shape of your desired headdress. Weaving the flowers into your hair can lead to tangling if you are not careful, so it’s suggested to create your floral accessory beforehand. Check out yours truly!

floral afro

For simpler styles, insert tiny flower stems into your afro à la Solange’s bridal afro.

solange floral afro

Use big flowers for a bold look. Amplify your volume by using flowers with large petals.

kiera please floral afro
Photo Credit: @KieraPlease

Shape your styles by pinning flowers around the base of your style. Check out this stunning mohawk…

floral mohawk offbeat bride
Photo Credit: Offbeat Bride

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