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6 Chic and Easy NYE Hairstyles for Natural Texture

Whether you’ll be spending it on the couch or at a small get-together with friends, you’ll need a chic yet easy curly girl style to rock this New Year’s Eve. Sometimes, the “lazy girl styling” trend tends to leave out us folks sporting natural texture, but these looks are here to change all that. Scroll below and find all the first-rate New Year’s Eve hairstyles for textured hair that are elegant but require little effort for any celebration. Which one will you wear to ring in the new year?

1. Floral Accents

You heard it here first, floral accents make any updo 10 times more sophisticated. They’re easy to find, add a vivid pop of color to darker hair, and just make for an overall whimsical look. It just looks beyond cute whether out or at your kitchen table with champagne. Do it for the ‘gram.

2. Fauxhawk

We will never stop singing a good fauxhawk’s praises. Do you hear that? Never. It looks even more alluring on textured hair, especially on New Year’s Eve. The style is also easier to achieve than you think, especially if you have thicker tresses. Simply keep pinning up the sides of your mane until they meet in the middle for this fabulous, faux-cut dream.

3. Curly, Pinned Updo

2A-3C folks, this one is for you. Looser curls look so stunning in an updo, it hurts. It works well for any type of New Year’s Eve bash you’ll be attending and also only requires a few good bobby pins. It even almost looks like a faux curly bob and that is a vibe we can always get on board with.

4. Accessorized Space Buns

Over accessorizing doesn’t exist on NYE so go all out with these gorgeously adorned space buns. It doesn’t have to be floral accents either, opt for something sparkly to really go with the theme. Of all the New Year’s Eve hairstyles for textured hair, this one might be our favorite.

5. Chic, Curly High Bun

A high bun is a classic, plain and simple. This version for textured locks looks even more polished because of the added height. Curls and coils tend to be bigger by nature, so a sky-high top knot is achieved coolly and effortlessly.

6. Half-Up, Half Down Coils

Another straightforward style, throwing your coils half-up, half-down might just be the way to go for a more low key New Year’s Eve hairstyle. If you’ll just be sipping cocktails with one or two pals, pull those curls up and back in the most stylish way possible. Pro top: faux specs make this look even more adorable.

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