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7 Chic, Easy Valentine’s Day Hair Looks for Doing Date Night at Home

Even if your Valentine’s Day plans only involve take out, your S.O. and a very comfy couch, that doesn’t mean your hair can’t still be on point. If you’re planning a date night in and need chic and easy styling ideas to look BOMB AF (on a budget), scroll through below for all the best looks to sport.

1. Heart-Shaped Bun

You might think a heart-shaped bun is too complicated to whip out for an at-home date night, but think again. This adorable style is actually so much easier to twist up than you think. All you need is a bit of cardboard (cut into the shape of a heart) to twist your locks around for an oh-so-sweet date night look.

2. Wispy, Low Bun

A wispy, low bun really does work for any occassion. Use a curling wand to add light texture to your hair then wrap it into any bun of your choice. Finish it off with a few wispy pieces in the front and you have yourself a quick, polished look.

3. Curly Bangs With a Bow

Curls are it, plain and simple. This can totally work as a wash and go style if you have the right products. All you have to do is throw half your curls up, throw those baby ones in the front as bangs and slap a bow on it. V-Day Perfection.

4. Heart-Shaped Fishtail Braid

If a bun’s not really your jam, try a heart-shaped fishtail braid instead. We’ll admit, this is on the more complex side when it comes styling, but it’s worth it for the ‘gram, amirite? It just looks so dang cute with the heart at the top and boho-style braid at the bottom. Try it out if you’re feeling adventurous.

5. Loose, Romantic Curls

Hearts and bows don’t have to be the move on date night in. Loose and romantic curls are absolutely classic and are perfect for anyone who still wants to be a total bombshell at home. Start by styling tighter curls then run a brush through to loosen then up. Pop on the hair spray and you have yourself an epic living room, date night style.

6. Braided Bangs

Honestly, we weren’t even sure what to call this look, but we’re just going to start by calling it uh-mazing. Hailey is serving 90s chic here, but the best part is that the style is so simple to recreate. It also looks best with minimal makeup and a megawatt smile.

7. Floral Accessories

You know how much we love a good floral accessory, so why not wear for Valentine’s Night in? Floral accents are super easy to find and add a serious pop of color to any style. Extra points if you do a half-up half-down braid crown to go with it.

For more than just a taste of how fabulous curly bangs are, marvel away, HERE.

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