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Perfect the Chic and Sleek Short Hair Tuck

Most short haired girls can attest that versatility in styling can be daunting. That’s why we love this chic slicked back look for short lengths.  It is easy to achieve and adds instant glam for any posh night out. Start on hair that is damp and towel dried.  Add a mousse to give separation and hold if desired, then blow dry away from your face with a Mason Pearson brush.


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Decide if you want a side part, middle part, or for all the hair to be back off your face, then blowdry and brush your hair in the desired direction.  For a sleeker look up top, hold the Mason Pearson brush with the bristles down, on top of your front sections of hair.  Hold the brush in the palm of your hand, grabbing your hair strand with your thumb. Slowly allow your blowdryer with the nozzle attachment to follow the brush as you glide down the lengths of the hair.*

* The trick here to to keep strong tension and to avoid moving the blowdryer in back and forth motions.  Keep a steady hand, and be patient as your hair dries.

If you are blowdrying the hair back, allow the Mason Pearson to pick up the hair at the roots as you lift and direct the dryer away from your face.

When all the hair is dry, use dime-nickel size of pomade with high shine.  Run through your hands, then use your fingertips and palms to direct the hair on the top half of your head either down and tucked behind the ears, or up and away from the face.  For sleeker looks, use the Mason Pearson to smooth through the top.  Add more pomade if needed.

Allow the ends to be natural, and use your fingertips to scrunch, smooth, or fan them out.

2 minutes

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