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MANE UNIVERSITY: Priscilla Valles and Sarah Conner Extension Class Chicago April 10

What happens when you get together two of the industry’s leading extension experts for a master class? Sheer manespiration! Celebrity stylists to the stars, Priscilla Valles and Sarah Conner are BACK, and they’re taking Chicago by storm! If you missed their GAME-CHANGING master class in LA with supermodel Chrissy Teigen, now’s your chance to catch this dream team on the east coast!

Mane University Chicago

Join us on April 10th at Dreamdry Salon in the windy city to master your techniques working with every major extension method, from consultation and correct placement, to application and custom-color that matches seamlessly from head to extension! This is your chance to have all your burning beauty questions answered by the experts working at the forefront of the industry with the latest innovative new methods.

Mane University Extension CLass

For your opportunity to learn from the masters behind the manes of Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, and Christina Aguilera in this exciting, intimate environment, reserve your seats now!



priscilla valles

PRISCILLA VALLES @priscillavalles

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with hair extension goddess, Priscilla Valles. Transforming the ever-changing manes of Kylie Jenner, Christina Aguilera, and Chrissy Teigen, Priscilla is able to flawlessly execute an array of lengths, colors, and textures, while always prioritizing the hair health of her clients. Priscilla began her career over fifteen years ago when extensions were almost exclusively used by the rich and famous. This put her at the forefront of creating and perfecting a precise application system that looks effortlessly natural, comfortable, and safe.

Valles continues to be recognized as a leader and innovator in the extension world by using her distinct system with both individual and tape-in extensions. Constantly traveling with celebrities and flying coast to coast to work on top films and photo shoots, when she’s not in the salon, Priscilla enjoys spending time with family and experimenting on transformation techniques with extensions!


sarah conner

SARAH CONNER @oncolourground

Whether she’s turning a celebrity into a manic pastel hue, prepping a socialite for the red carpet, or creating bombshell blondes for her salon clients in Beverly Hills, Sarah Conner has established herself as a color expert with specialty techniques ranging from balayage and foil highlighting, to creating beautiful natural-looking color. She’s highly sought-after for her expertise in custom-colored, taped and hand-sewn weft hair extensions, taking pride in utilizing gentle methods that maintain the integrity of her clients’ hair.

Sarah’s work and commentary has been featured in Glamour, Paper Magazine, Italian Cosmopolitan, and Nylon to name a few. She has styled premier clients for the Oscars, Grammys, and the ESPYS, and her work with color and extensions can been seen on Two Broke Girls, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Beverly Hills 90210. You can find Sarah at the upscale Meche Salon, or on her wildly popular blog, On Colour Ground.

See you soon Chicago!

Reserve your tickets for our extension master class.

Don’t forget to follow Priscilla & Sarah for even more #manespiration.

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