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The Cool Girl Salon Tucked in Chicago: Sparrow Salon


If there’s a salon to go to in Chicago, it’s Sparrow. Located in the Logan Square neighborhood in a beautiful 125 year old building, the salon boasts a modern approach to classic styles. Much like the minimalist earthly decor of the salon, the Sparrow stylists pride themselves in great craftsmanship. Co-owners Owners Susan Flaga and Bathsheba Nemerovski were inspired to open a salon together to fulfill a void in the Chicago marketplace; and succeed they did as [to no one’s surprise] the salon has gained notable press. In fact, The New York Times called Bathsheba one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets. Though maybe not a secret anymore, don’t be surprised if you go in for an appointment and your seated next to Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy or fashionista Tavi Gevinson.

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