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The 6 Chicest Celeb Mom Cuts We Can’t Get Enough Of Right Now

Just because you’re now with child doesn’t mean you need to book your appointment for the Karen special. With a baby boom renascence happening right now, it’s natural for stylish celebs to transition to equally stylish “mom cuts.” After all, celebs live for a burgeoning mom cut, too, and we can prove it without fail. 

Whether you’re looking for inspo for your next chop or simply love a good star hair transformation, scroll through below for all the chicest celeb mom haircuts we can’t get enough of right now.

1. Lucy Hale’s Blonde, A-Line Lob

MA fave Lucy Hale always looks chic, but this lob has to be her best look yet. It’s razor sharp, but soft enough to give us all the motherly vibes.

2. Kristen Bell’s Bob With Bangs

Kristen Bell rocking a swanky bob with front bangs is the energy we need in our lives. Paired with a sequin blazer? NYE ain’t ready.

3. Doja Cat’s Short Cut With a Side Part

Let’s just say Doja Cat wouldn’t normally be at the top of our “Exudes Maternal Vibes” list, but this cut says otherwise. Combining a short cut with the ultra-wet look makes it a captivating cocktail of elegant, yet slick and edgy.

4. Jessie J’s Blunt Bob

Because, who is Jessie J without a sassy mom cut? A blunt cut looks absolutely fabulous on brunettes and JJ proves our theory tenfold. She also 100% validates that the right crisp, mom-length crop doesn’t have to skimp on glam.

5. Halsey’s Pixie Cut

Actual mom-to-be Halsey is rocking the sh*t out of this pixie cut, try to tell us otherwise. Yes, it’s a bit of a bowl cut. Yes, it also has the shortest bangs we’ve ever seen, but it works. She’s not like a regular mom, she’s a cool mom and don’t you forget it.

6. Ana de Armas’s Piecey Short Cut

Ana de Armas’s short and wispy cut really speaks to our souls. Slight layering creates an IG-ready, face-framing style not even your own mom can argue with.

Want more chic mom hair inspo? THESE celebs can help you out.

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