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The 6 Chicest Celeb Mom Cuts We Can’t Get Enough of Right Now

Just because you’re now with child doesn’t mean you need to book your appointment for the Karen special. With a baby boom renascence happening right now, it’s natural for stylish celebs to transition to equally stylish mom cuts. After all, celebs live for a burgeoning mom cut, too, and we can prove it without fail. Whether you’re looking for inspo for your next chop or simply love a good star hair transformation, scroll through below for all the chicest celebrity mom haircuts we can’t get enough of right now.

1. Lucy Hale’s Blonde, A-Line Lob

MA fave Lucy Hale always looks chic, but this lob has to be her best look yet. It’s razor-sharp but soft enough to give us all the nurturing vibes a mom haircut should.

2. Kristen Bell’s Bob With Bangs

Kristen Bell rocking a swanky bob with front bangs is the energy we need in our lives. Paired with a sequin blazer? Motherhood isn’t ready for this chic cut.

3. Doja Cat’s Short Cut With a Side Part

Let’s just say Doja Cat wouldn’t normally be at the top of our “Exudes Maternal Vibes” list, but this cut says otherwise. Combining a short haircut with the ultra-wet look makes it a captivating cocktail of elegant, yet slick and edgy.

4. Jessie J’s Blunt Bob

Because, who is Jessie J without a sassy mom cut? A blunt cut looks absolutely fabulous on brunettes and Jessie proves our theory tenfold. She also 100% validates that the right crisp, mom-length crop doesn’t have to skimp on glam.

5. Halsey’s Pixie Cut

Actual mom-to-be Halsey is rocking the sh*t out of this pixie cut, try to tell us otherwise. Yes, it’s a bit of a bowl cut. Yes, it also has the shortest bangs we’ve ever seen, but it works. She’s not like a regular mom, they’re a cool mom—and don’t you forget it.

6. Ana de Armas’s Piecey Short Cut

Ana de Armas’s short and wispy cut really speaks to our souls. Slight layering creates an IG-ready, face-framing style not even your own mom can argue with.

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