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HOW-TO: Chloe Moretz’s Sleek Low Met Ball Pony by Gregory Russell

A girl known for her voluminous and youthful waves, Chloe Moretz’s sleek low pony at last night’s Met Gala was a sophisticated change. Her hairstylist, Gregory Russell indulged us in how he created the look below.

Chloe Moretz Gregory Russell Met Gala Low Pony

“I wanted a sleek and modern low pony to complement Chloe’s couture Coach gown.”


1. “Starting on damp hair, I used one pump of Kevin Murphy Smooth Again through her ends. I then selected a center part and began blowing her hair out with a medium sized Harry Josh Round Brush. After each section, I used a duck bill clip to hold the root flat. 

2. Once hair was fully dry, I flat ironed with my Harry Josh Flat Iron section by section. To polish the hair, I used R+Co Continental Glossing Wax to contain fly aways and add shine to the hair. I then secured her hair into a low pony, tight to the nape of her neck using a bungee elastic. 

3. I applied Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine to the lengths of her hair for high shine. Finally, I used double sided tape on the back of a piece of black velvet ribbon to cover the band and complete the look.”

Be sure to follow @gregoryrussellhair for more #manespiration.

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